Scottish Golfer Banned for Three Months
By mustang6560 on 1/20/11
I don't feel like you see many suspensions in golf. But Elliot Saltman was suspended yesterday from the European PGA for three months for cheating.
Scotland's Elliot Saltman has been banned for three months from competing on the European Tour for cheating during an event in Russia last year.

The 28-year-old's ban will start on January 19, a statement from European Tour chief George O'Grady said.

The tournament committee met on Tuesday and "unanimously" found Saltman guilty of breaching a regulation during the first round of the M2M Russian Challenge Cup on September 16, 2010, the statement read.
I'm not sure what to believe with this one. Saltman was disqualified from the M2M Russian Challenge Cup last September after his playing partners complained he was improperly marking his ball. He was accused of moving his ball at least five times.

I would like to think it was an accident, but I can't thoroughly convince myself he didn't know. How can a golfer playing at his level, trying to make it as a professional golfer not understand the rules? Further, what advantage do you really get by replacing the ball in the wrong location? Not more than a couple inches...

We'll have to see how this plays out over the next couple weeks. Saltman has 28 days to appeal the verdict. It's too bad because he earned full membership to the European Tour in November and now the start of his first season is tarnished with this scandal. My advice - don't cheat!

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bducharm says:
I would like to see him barred for life. There is precedent here. I read about 1 golfer barred for something like 25 years and another barred for life. Cheating should not be tolerated and should be dealt with justly.
mustang6560 says:
@bducharm- don't you believe in second chances?
homermania says:
Sounds like he didn't stick up for himself in the disciplinary hearing. I'd like to know more, like did his playing partners immediately call him out on it? I think that is also part of the gentlemen's game. Another example: would you watch your playing partner (unintentionally) tee off in front of the markers and then call a penalty. Sounds like a little discretion is needed here. That being said, maybe he was intentionally cheating and deserves a lot more than three months.

I also like some of he comments from the Euros like "That's a Scot for ya!"
Banker85 says:
ya i agree if he is cheating at that level then by all means he deserves what he got. @mustang6560: now barred for life is a bit extreme but i see where bducharm is coming from. as far as the golfer, i dont get it? you are playing golf for a lot of money and how do you think you would get away with cheating? he is already tarnished for life that is for sure.
Paolo says:
Don't you lot believe in the three strikes rule over there?

Seriously though I agree with bducharm, why cheat at all. Finally got his tour card but screwed it up by cheating... which is what it's been deemed to be... throw cheats out I say!
bkuehn1952 says:
Sometimes players get a reputation, deserved or not, of bending the rules. Once that starts, other players begin to watch them like a hawk. There is a great story about Mark McCumber going back to 1995 that somewhat parallels this incident. In Mr. McCumber's case, he was given the benefit of the doubt. Since two players complained in Saltman's case, there was some corroboration.
wrhall02 says:
If he was cheating, the book should be thrown at him; period. But the story is incomplete and does not go into the details of the infractions or why they ruled the way they ruled.
leeheppjr says:
We had a guy doing the mark in front, replace in back during our club championship 2 years ago. (3rd flight) No one including myself had the stones to call him on it, but we had a hell of a time spreading it around. He golfs somewhere else now, but I regret not calling him out. Our pro says you have to for it to count, can't complain later to the pro and expect penalties.
birdieXris says:
If i'm in a tournament, the first thing i do on the first hole is pay attention to the way guys do stuff like mark balls, and read putts and even repair ball marks. 99.9% of the time during a major style tournament (not club chips) the guys look right at me and our other players and say "is that a ball mark?" or just say "ball mark?" and we all acknowledge, normally yes. Same thing with ball marking though. the "knock it out of the way then put your marker down" really bug me. I give them one pass at that and make them remark before i mark a penalty stroke.
legitimatebeef says:
There's a few people at my local course I'd like to ban for three months.
Matt F says:
Similar to leeheppjr, we had a guy place his marker in front of the ball and then replace the ball in front of the marker. Everyone picked up on it but just let it be known amongst themselves until he tried calling other people out on perceived infractions. The whole league unloaded on him...I don't think he played the following year.
taylortony says:
I have a friend that marks his in front of the ball and when he replaces the ball replaces it in front of the marker! sometimes he lifts the ball and puts the marker down in its general location! man i drives me crazy! He's the same guy thats always reminding others of the rules!
manny.101 says:
1 strike and your out! Why try get on tour like that to only make yourself look like a complete dick and get banned? Obviously Saltman knew he was in the wrong since he didn't stick up for himself. When or if he is back to playing other players, tv and general crowd would watch him like a hawk.
Trav says:
Will Schwartzel help him write the appeal?
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