Dustin Johnson: "No Hard Feelings"
By mustang6560 on 9/30/11
I wrote earlier in the week that I felt Tiger Woods could have gone about hiring his new caddie, Joe LaCava, away from Dustin Johnson in a better way because I thought he didn't show enough respect for his colleague. Golf is a gentlemen's game and even though there is no official policy that states the protocol for the hiring and firing of a caddy, there is a code among golf's elite players--you give a guy a heads up if you're in talks with his caddy, regardless of who initiated the conversation.

But, Dustin said all is good and he has "quite a few caddies" interested in looping for him.
Dustin Johnson says there is no friction between him and fellow American Tiger Woods after losing his caddie to the former No. 1.

Joe LaCava left the fifth-ranked Johnson on Sunday to become Woods' full-time caddie.

Johnson says "I spoke to Tiger about it. There's no hard feelings at all."
If Dustin is cool with everything, so am I. It's good to see there are no hard feelings because Dustin and Tiger are Presidents Cup teammates and could possibly play together down under. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tiger and Dustin paired together against Adam Scott and whoever because it would give the TV pundits a lot of fodder to discuss during the broadcast.

TaylorMade vice president Keith Sbarbaro will carry Dustin's bag for the remainder of the season while the South Carolina native figures out a permanent situation.

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meatball413 says:
maybe Dustin will be the next Tiger Woods. sorry, but it's been a while since someone said it lol
bashworth says:
regardless of who initiated the conversation
not so sure about that part.
falcon50driver says:
If Dustin is cool with it, then it's ok with you.... Well good.
EloraBlue says:
Why are they still scared of that guy?!?!
sepfeiff says:
Joe left Dustins bag and Joe decided to go work for Tiger. I'm sure half of the caddies on tour applied for the position. I don't place any blame at all on Tiger. People swap employers all the time with no hard feelings. Tour caddies are no different.
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