TNT's Ad Is Wrong
By mustang6560 on 8/11/11
I was watching the video of David Toms' ace from the 2001 PGA Championship when I noticed something odd in the TNT ad in the upper right corner of the page.

See if you can pick out.

Did you get it?

TNT labeled this year's PGA Championship as the 92nd when it's actually the 93rd edition. As of 12 PM, the ad is still running on See for yourself here.

I knew there was something I didn't like about TNT covering the PGA Championship and I found the reason - they don't know the first thing about golf. They know drama and the NBA, not golf.

It looks like the graphic designer or the account rep sent last year's image to Yahoo! Sports - oops! I wonder how long it will take for TNT to realize the mistake? I'm going to say the over/under is 4 hours...

92nd PGA Championship Ad

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gpickin says:
On top of the 92/93rd thing... there is another thing.

They have 1 - 8 eastern for coverage
I only see 6 hours of golf this year, not 7, so they missed that too.
Damn, that is sloppy.
gpickin says:
Oh yeah, your top link goes to a about:blank too fyi.
And the times on the site when you click FULL SCHEDULE is wrong, stating online coverage starts 9am easten, it started at 8am eastern, and all the hours are off, and it says 92nd there all over the place, not just the advert.

Wow, along with tiger, people are just falling apart right now :)
Trav says:
Not to mention the cover ad features Yang (from 2009), not the defending champ Kaymer.
crowdan says:
After the Toms video you get to watch "real-life romances on Glee"!
mustang6560 says:
I fixed the link. Looks like Yahoo figured it out and removed the ad.
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