Fan "Accosted" Phil Mickelson
By mustang6560 on 8/16/11
Not sure how I missed this one.

But, fan favorite Phil Mickelson was involved in "spat" with a fan during Saturday's round at the PGA Championship. I classified it as a spat because the words incident, altercation and argument all seemed too strong.

After Phil hit his second shot from the rough on the par 4 8th, a fan approached Phil from behind and offered him a motivational pat on the back. I'm sure from the fan's perspective, it was innocent, however, Phil did not appreciate it and he and his caddie Bones let it be known.
When Phil Mickelson birdied the eighth hole on Saturday, there was steam coming out of his ears. Just minutes before he rolled in a 15-footer for birdie, Mickelson was accosted by a fan after hitting his second shot from the rough.

The fan, likely a teenager, sources said, ran behind Mickelson after the shot and started slapping him on the back and yelling what may have been encouragement - but out of bounds at a professional golf event.
Phil had every right to get upset with the fan and the security because this fan clearly overstepped the boundaries. In America and on the PGA Tour, fans are supposed to stay outside of the ropes and they are not allowed to approach the players. Phil's management group went as far as to suggest the incident was a result of poor marshaling by the hole volunteers. The suggestion is convenient, but it sounds like it was just an unfortunate situation caused by an overzealous fan looking to get close to his favorite golfer, not a lack of good marshaling.

The best comment I read in response to the spat was "Hit the ball in the fairway and this won't happen".

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photo by Bill Spruce

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legitimatebeef says:
I hope Phil and "Bones" put a good scare in him. Sounds like a stupid kid who needs to learn about boundaries.
birdieXris says:
Yea, straight up, you can't be touching players in any capacity. I mean, if they choose to high five you on the way to the next tee, that's one thing.
TeT says:
Yeah, but an excited kid who causes no harm with no ill will intended gets a pass once in a while. Like the man said, hit your fairways and ....

Rightly though, Phil let Bones deal with it.

BTW: Phil was putting like dog doo (to his standards) does he make that 15ft birdie put if he is not steamed?
bkuehn1952 says:
I remember watching Greg Norman work his way from green to tee during a practice round at the 1989 US Open (Oak Hill). Back then there were no ropes between holes during the practice round. People would jump in front of Greg in order to try to stop him. Others clutched at his shirt sleeve. You could see he was steamed but he just looked ahead and weaved around all the obnoxious fans. I was kind of embarrassed to be in the same crowd.
srogers13 says:
I wonder if Phil, or really anyone else in his situation, may have a Monica Seles flashback being in that situation. Remember she got stabbed in her back during a change during a tennis tournament by a "fan."
mmontisano says:
it was a fan at the Canadian Open that grabbed Mike Weir and jerked him around to off his encouragement, only to tweak his neck/back. to which he has said he's still feeling the effects of it to this day.

people need to keep their hands to themselves, just like yer mamma taught ya.
wrhall02 says:
Considering how fans are free to roam the course during PGA tourneys, it's impossible to provide 100% security. Players always come close to fans even if they keep in it the fairway, that was a below the belt poke at Phil. All players miss the fairway sooner or later, plus, the walk from green to tee box often makes for up close encounters with fans.
I thought the same as @smrtazz...a Monica Seles incident jumped to my mind while reading the article. That would be tragic...
tennesseeboy says:
Phil is lucky to be alive.
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