Husband Charged in Golf Cart Crash
By mustang6560 on 8/19/11
In my morning quest to find the best golf stories to share with y'all, I stumbled upon a new development to a story I wrote about back in April.

To refresh your memory, the story was about a woman who died after falling out of a golf cart her husband was driving. Not to downplay the woman's death, but the accident just seemed like an unfortunate tragedy that served as a reminder that golf carts can be dangerous.

Well, fast forward four months and the husband is being charged with vehicular homicide.
According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Kenneth Shawn McCafferty was speeding and driving drunk when his wife fell from their golf cart. Marilyn McCafferty died at Lee Memorial Hospital a short time later.

The investigation revealed Kenneth was driving the golf cart southbound on South Seas Boulevard and ran the stop sign at the intersection with Mai Kai Lane, reports said.
The whole situation is really unfortunate. The report says both the husband and wife were drinking prior to the accident, which makes you think they were just out having a good time together (I do not condone drinking and driving) and the worst thing possible happened. Had the woman only sustained a broken arm from the accident, this wouldn't be in the news. But because the woman died and the husband was drunk, the police are forced to bring charges against him.

Remember folks, drinking and driving is a bad idea, whether you're in a golf cart or not.

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Kickntrue says:
this is tough... i mean... if my wife and i were driving around and i died- i know I wouldn't want her charged, but once you're drinking, and driving on regular roads, it's not really in your hands anymore. i'd feel differently if this happened on private property and they were just goofy around and an accident happened, but drunk driving is drunk driving.
Swingem says:
Drunk driving-bad, unfortunate-for sure, speeding-???
falcon50driver says:
Musta took off the govna. It's what happens to women who go too fast in Arkansas, They put a governor on them. (Old Clinton Joke)
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