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Golf Blamed for Water Shortage
By mustang6560 on 8/19/11
Certain parts of China are experiencing water shortages related to a summer drought and the Chinese government is pinning illegal golf courses as the culprit.
“Given the fact that 400 of the more than 600 cities in China are suffering from water shortages, the rapid depleting of underground water to keep the hundreds of golf courses green will likely prove to have severe consequences for many cities in the near future,” read an editorial in the English-language China Daily newspaper, which accused Beijing’s golf courses of using nearly 40 million tons of underground water annually, equal to the amount consumed by 1 million residents a year, despite the city’s water shortages.
The golf industry in China is definitely odd because it's illegal to build new golf courses, but it's the fastest growing market in the world. In 2004, the Chinese government passed an edict outlawing the building of new golf courses, yet two-thirds of the courses that exist today were built after law went into place. So of the estimated 600 courses in the country, only 10 are recognized as "approved" courses.

Did someone say corruption?

It's seems a little convenient to blame the current water shortage in China on golf courses. Sure, using drinking water that could quench the thirst of one million people is a lot, but I don't think you can blame water shortages for one billion people on any one thing.

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photo by Peter Fuchs

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Matt F says:
Those crazy communists!
mauricio_hernandez says:
Somebody is getting rich!!!!
nurrutia says:
How stupid can this be! and golf courses being illegal; please...
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