Earthquake + Hurricane = ?
By mustang6560 on 8/24/11
What's up with the mother nature this week?

First, the East Coast was rocked with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake for the first time in 70 odd years. Now, a major hurricane is barreling toward New England and is scheduled to make landfall as early as Saturday.

Is this mother nature's way of saying she doesn't like the FedExCup Playoffs?

The epicenter of the quake was located near Richmond, Virginia and people felt the tremors as far south as Georgia, as far north as Vermont and as far west as Michigan. The quake even momentarily disrupted play at Plainfield Country Club, where PGA Tour players were getting prepared for The Barclays. Several players noticed the rumblings and naturally started tweeting about it. The best of the earthquake tweets was by Justin Rose who tweeted "Was that an earthquake I just felt on the range in New Jersey!! Either that or Gary Woodland is thumping out 2 irons on range!!".

Selfishly, I hope Hurricane Irene continues to travel further to the north and misses Myrtle Beach as to not disrupt the World Am. But, that means play at The Barclays could be disrupted Sunday. I was telling one of my buddies about the World Am a couple weeks ago and he said "I hope you guys don't get hit by a hurricane". I replied "Dude, way to jinx me!". So when I woke up Monday morning and saw there was a hurricane brewing in the Caribbean I immediately called him and said "You are a @#$%, you totally sewered me and the World Am!"

Obviously, the best scenario for everyone is if the jet stream managed to push Irene out to the Atlantic Ocean. However, from the reports I read, the jet stream won't strong enough to push Irene back out to sea. So for now, the World Am, the PGA Tour and the East Coast is going to have to wait and see what happens.

Hurricane Irene

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birdieXris says:
The track is trending north and east. I think barring some sort of weather anomaly we'll be fine.
mjaber says:
Since when is an earthquake considered "weather"?
mustang6560 says:
How's "mother nature" for you?
legitimatebeef says:
Earth is pissed, maybe.
Banker85 says:
Earthquake + Hurricane = awful blog post by mustang sally.
homermania says:
"What's up with the mother nature this week?"

This article clears that up:
dottomm says:
I was like "The FedEx Playoffs. ppft... Oh Shit! The World Am!!!"
mjaber says:
@mustang... Works for me. :)
cjgiant says:
Haha - first earthquake I've ever felt (we do get small ones officially around here), and I was on a golf course. Didn't seem like much without much around to shake and crash to the ground, just a few clubheads rattling in the cart. Did feel a little bit like I was surfing on earth's crust, though. Too bad I hadn't just left one on the lip... woulda been such a great "you-won't-believe-I-lived-this-cliche" story.

(and yes, I know having an earthquake drop a player's putt isn't really a "cliche", but you get the point)
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