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Tee Time, The Dog
By mustang6560 on 9/20/11
If you've ever played Grapevine Golf Course, then you've probably seen Tee Time, the course dog roaming the fairways. The white terrier is a local treasure and she has lived on the course since 2007.

Tee Time was living the life as a quasi-wild dog--answering to no one and being fed by everyone--until recently when she bit one of the golfers on the finger. After that happened, the city animal control was called out to capture her so they could examine her for rabies. In the subsequent dog hunt that ensued, Tee Time was shot twice with tranquilizer darts, but both times she managed to get away before the drug took effect. This angered local golfers and employees who felt that city was going to weaken Tee Time to the point where she couldn't fend for herself in the wild so the dog hunt was called off.
"We've gotten a legal interpretation that it's OK to leave Tee Time alone," City Manager Bruno Rumbelow told the Star-Telegram.

. . .

"If she lives on the golf course, she's not technically running at large. It's fenced in," Rumbelow said.
The golfer who was bitten noticed she was stuck in a drainage culvert and in the process of trying to free her, she bit him. I'm no expert, but I've heard dogs--even calm and good natured dogs--are the most dangerous when they feel vulnerable. And it's understandable Tee Time felt vulnerable being stuck in a drainage ditch.

The good news, it looks like she will be free to roam the course AND the golfer who was bitten does not have rabies. It's an unfortunate situation because from the report it sounds like Tee Time is a very friendly dog, and means no harm. For Pete's sake, she even obeys golf etiquette and doesn't bark in someone's back swing. I have friends who can't even do that!

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photo by laRuth

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Banker85 says:
lol that is cool. I would like to come back as a golf course roaming dog.
tennesseeboy says:
I think we need to work on a new breed of dog for golf called the Ball Pointer. The dog would sniff out your ball and stand on point until you get to it.
John Dewey says:
TeeTime is recovering. She's been pretty stressed the past three weeks. Based on her wounds when she emerged from the storm drain, we believe she was attacked by a coyote about August 30th. From Sep 9th through 14th, she was relentlessly pursued by Amimal Control and darted four times (according to golf course staff). On the last occasion, a neck noose was placed on TeeTime and she was lifted off the ground before escaping. As one would expect, TeeTime for the next few days did not trust humans, her regular source for food. She finally returned from the woods over the past weekend, and has been eating a little. Last night at 8:00 pm, I saw her trot for the first time since the darting started. This morning, she remained on the pro shop porch even when golfers passed by. She's tough, and she'll survive. But it has been very hard to watch.
John Dewey says:
Link to TeeTime photos

TeeTime's Facebook page
bkuehn1952 says:
Thanks for putting a "face" on a good story. Give her a dog treat and a pat on the head from Oob.
sepfeiff says:
Tee time followed me around the course a few times, she's a great companion. She has excellent golf sense, waits on the teebox with you, waits on the edge of the green for you to finish putting out. I always consider it a privilege when she plays a round with us. Sorry to see her harassed by animal control.
homermania says:
What a great dog! Clearly a case of golfer reincarnation.
DoubleDingo says:
Tennesseeboy...We have some of those out here, they're called Kit Foxes. Except they don't point to where your ball is, they take it thinking it's an egg.
DoubleDingo says:
Tee Time sounds like my dog Sneakers. A little survivor and escape artist. Glad they left her alone and that she is getting her strength back.
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