GreensPerfection Sues PGA of America
By mustang6560 on 9/8/11
In the final preparations leading up to the start of the first round of the PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club last month, the greens on holes 14 and 17 were damaged during "routine maintenance".

Ken Magnum, the director of golf course and grounds at AAC, chalked up the snafu to a sudden rise in the dew point, which caused the brushes of the lawn mower to grab and dig into the green (scratches head?). Luckily, it was only minor damage around the edge of the greens and the grounds crew responded quickly to remedy the situation.

The tournament went on without a hitch and the issue was over, right? Not so fast. The company that manufactures the mower brush, GreensPerfection, filed a lawsuit claiming "false and defamatory statements" against The PGA of America, the Atlanta Athletic Club and Ken Magnum. The lawsuit was filed in DeSoto County Circuit Court in Hernado, Mississippi on August 31, but it does not specify the damages.
“I’m disappointed to hear of this suit,” Mangum told Golfweek. “The brushes have been an integral part of our turf-management program all summer, and they continue to be.”
I'm calling a settlement on this one. Even though I don't think GreensPerfection has much leg to stand on, I don't think the PGA of America wants this suit to drag on for a long time. In my opinion, the situation was the result of bad luck and unfortunate timing.

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oobscott2 says:
sudden rise in dew point causes movwer to malfunction? yea, right
Kurt the Knife says:
I have suffered undue emotional stress from this post....
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