Hilversumsche Golf Club Vandalized
By mustang6560 on 9/8/11
The European Tour delayed the start of round one of the KLM Open by 45 minutes this morning so the grounds crew could repair the damage caused by vandalism. Last night, some lunatics snuck on the course at Hilversumsche Golf Club and cut up the greens on holes four, five, six and nine. What a bunch of @#$%!
KLM Championship Director Daan Slooter said: “Early this morning we ascertained damage to four of the greens here at Hilversumsche. At this moment we do not know who caused the damage. All has been restored and the tournament will resume. For this evening and the rest of the tournament we have increased security substantially.

“I’m very disappointed for all the people here at the club who worked so hard over the past few days, through challenging weather conditions, to ensure the course was in playable condition. However, having said that, the same professionalism of the greenkeepers has ensured that the damage has been repaired so the tournament can go ahead. They are all due a huge vote of thanks.”
The grounds crew were able to quickly repair the damage so the opening round was not delayed by much. The areas that were damaged will play as Ground Under Repair under the normal rules of golf for the remainder of the tournament.

It blows my mind why someone would sneak onto private property (ahead of a golf tournament mind you) to mess up the greens. I was a teenager back in the day, and I may or may not have partaken in my fair share of fun, but I can honestly say I never vandalized the property of someone else. Not funny, kids!

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photo via europeantour.com

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jev says:
Yeah, it looked awaful. Not to mention play was suspended due to rain, very soggy conditions today. Hopefully better tomorrow since I'll be there to watch Rory :D
legitimatebeef says:
Nate, you were a teenager back in the day? Me too!
legitimatebeef says:
At my local course there's a woodsy area adjacent to the 15th hole, where some of the bad kids are known to hang around, and when they can they like to steal the flagsticks. I saw it happen once from a nearby tee and took off sprinting after them, driver in hand. They were spooked enough to dropp the stick before scurrying back into a little hole in the fence like the filthy rats they are. Some of the crusty old course regulars saw it all and that gave me a bit of cred with them.

On the same hole, there's some graffiti on the cart path. It's been blacked out but you can still make out the words: "GOLFERS SUCK ". Not quite sure where all the resentment comes from, but it is clear that the hatred for the sport can run pretty deep.
GolferAnt says:
i was playing and some guys started yelling at me things like " white people play golf!" and " I bet your name is Bill!" ................................ ....................... Amazing how most people still don't even know that race doesn't exist in biology. There is simply no way to usefully organize people with common genes. Might as well think that people with blue eyes are different from those with brown. It only appears as if these so called "races" are real because of the way society imposes stereotypes on young ones. Put a group of babies on island and we all act the same again
Kurt the Knife says:
In my experience, the hatred isn't for golfers or golf but for all living beings that are not them for those types of critters.
Similar to what I've learned in medicine-and life.(FWIW) Some folks have disease...some folks are their disease.
Similarly, folks they see that are not part of their disease... are their disease.
falcon50driver says:
How did this act of vandalism become a race issue when no one saw who did this?
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