Simpson Takes Hiatus From Twitter
By mustang6560 on 9/14/11
Webb Simpson, the current FedExCup points leader, said he deleted the Twitter app on his phone and isn't going to tweet for the foreseeable future because people are being "mean" in the twittersphere.
“My main reason I signed on was just kind of to read what other people said,” he explained. “I loved hearing what other athletes say or other people I like to follow. But at the same time, getting in contention, I get more followers; I win, I get more followers, and there's a lot of negativity there, people saying really mean things.
I have no problem with Webb deciding to go on a self-imposed break from Twitter - many athletes have done it before including Lee Westwood and Sergio Garcia. But, not tweeting isn't going to silence his critics, it's only going to push away his fans. Twitter is one of the best way for athletes, celebrities, institutions, etc., to connect with fans. It's quick (you only have 140 characters per tweet) and easy (you can tweet photos and videos from your phone) and if done right (Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler), you can really help grow your personal brand.

I think Webb is looking at Twitter the wrong way. He needs to focus more on sharing his reality with his new and growing fan base and less on trying to respond to his haters. It's a cop-out, in my opinion, to ditch Twitter because of few people are being "mean". Come on Webb, grow some thicker skin. Success brings many great things, including money and fame, but it also attracts critics and vultures who try and tear you down.

My advice Webb, capitalize as much as you can on your recent success. Keep tweeting, keep growing your fan base. Don't penalize your fans by not tweeting because there are a few bad apples out there.

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mjaber says:
People in general are mean. Is he going to become a hermit? Buy an island, build a massive practice area on it and only leave to play in tournaments?

Maybe he's the next Tiger Woods...
Panerai111 says:
I bet people are ragging on his belly putter. :P
snuffyword says:
If people in general are mean, then there is a choice of responding to the negative comments or just ignoring them. Webb chooses to ignore his critics. As for growing his fan base, maybe he could do other things that don't involve a Twitter...or Facebook, for that matter.
TeT says:
WoW really, "PPL in general are mean"... You need to move to a new street or new town or something;..
homermania says:
Boo hoo.
mjaber says:
@TeT... people, meaning a group, are mean. A person is usually nice, or at least civil. It's the groups that follow the lead of one and pile on. Nothing makes a bad mood better than sharing it with everyone.
EloraBlue says:
Ask Jesus to make people stop being mean to you Webb
sepfeiff says:
Doesn't suprise me at all, he was a religion major at Wake Forest, and is deeply christian. Probably just doesn't want to deal with any of the negativity.
jev says:
Good for him. He should focus on golf, not on an open sewer with just now and than a little flower between all the crap.
Kurt the Knife says:
I don't blame the guy. I've tried the facebooks (to keep in touch with family stuff) and the twitters.
deleted them all.

Totally useless crap IMHO.
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