Beer For Birdies at Open
By mustang6560 on 9/16/11
Forget Tiger Woods--the reason you should attend the Open is for the cheap beer!
Located at the 17th hole, this hospitality area is open to the general public and will feature discounted beers for five (5) minutes for every birdie made. Immediately following every birdie on the drivable, par-4 17th, tournament officials are expecting many, beers will cost $3 for a 12 ounce can. This is a 50% discount from regular beer prices. A shot clock will countdown the time for the fans.
I like where the tournament director's head is at (or whoever came up with the idea). Golf fans love drinking beer and watching birdies, so combining the two for a fan promotion is brilliant! While $3 per beer might is still overpriced, you have to admit, it's pretty dang cheap, or as cheap as you're going to find at a sporting event nowadays. I paid $9 for a beer at the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas for the LSU-Oregon game a couple weeks back. Needless to say, I only had one beer.

The tournament director also picked a great hole to set up the Beer For Birdies tent. The par 4 17th hole at CordeValle is a mere 358 yards long, and depending on where the tournament director decides to put the tee box each day, the hole could play even shorter. That should translate into a ton of birdies and a ton of discounted beer! The only potential problem I see with whole idea is running out of beer. I hope the Open beverage control people are ready!

I'm excited to tune into the tournament because I want to see the reaction of the crowd on hole 17 every time someone cards a bird. If Tiger birdies, the place is going to go absolutely bonkers!

Beer For Birdies

photo via Open

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homermania says:
Awesome! That's a rowdy crowd as it is. Great atmosphere.
Banker85 says:
$3 is over priced. You figure you can get a case for $18 (in IL) that is .75 cents a beer and they are probably paying less then that. So what is the mark up 800%?! BS
SteveMM says:
$3 per beer is less than you'd pay at some everyday bars. It's not bad at all at a sporting event.

The more important part of this article, to me, is that they call a 358-yard hole "drivable". Wow.
SteveMM says:
Sorry about the triple post. It told me there was an error, so I assumed it didn't post at all.
mustang6560 says:
@SteveMM- I corrected the triple post.
bkuehn1952 says:
The responsible part of me says encouraging high volume drinking is wrong ("ton of birdies and a ton of beer"). The beer swilling part of me says what a fun idea - find me a designated driver and let's go!
mantajim says:
I know where I would be setting up my folding chair. And talking of cheap beer, at our club, the cost of your first beer after a round, is what you just scored on that round. Whoohoo a $.77 beer today!
mjaber says:
They should do this at the 16th hole of the Waste Management Phoenix Open... and add free beer for X minutes after a hole-in-one.
bashworth says:
They do this at the nationwide tour event in my area of cincinnati (the banana classic) but they are $1 beers. Much better deal.
EloraBlue says:
$3 is over priced. You figure you can get a case for $18 (in IL) that is .75 cents a beer and they are probably paying less then that. So what is the mark up 800%?! BS

Banker85 - - dude! Have you ever left your house?
falcon50driver says:
I had a little too much to drink at my club last night, and I didn't want to take a chance on wrecking my car, so I took a bus home. Everything turned out fine, which is surprising, because I didn't even know I knew how to drive a bus.
Matt F says:
Now I know why I brew my own beer...$0.48 per 12oz to make. And, it actually tastes like beer, not beer flavoured water.
Kurt the Knife says:
Was maybe a "ScareBus A320?"
Kurt the Knife says:
Free alcohol...
Thousands of people...
Intermittent, unscheduled distribution times on free alcohol...
Short time limit on free alcohol....
What could go wrong?
Kurt the Knife says:
oops not free. never mind
C-4 says:
I paid 6.50 at the BMW....I'll take it
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