Bill Haas Wins FedExCup
By mustang6560 on 9/25/11
Bill Haas is the 2011 Tour Championship AND the FedExCup champion.

The North Carolina native won in style yesterday and if you missed it, shame on you! Did you see the shot he pulled off from the lateral water hazard? No? Well, you need to watch the video of his shot--which should go down as the shot of the year--before going any further.

I know right, incredible! It looked like Bill was finished after his approach on the second playoff hole carried too far and ended up in the hazard. But with a little luck and great execution, he found a way to salvage par from an impossible situation.
"It was all or nothing," Haas said of his shot from the water left of the 17th green.
Bill sure did make it hard on himself on the first two holes of the sudden death playoff. On the first hole, he sent his tee shot right of the green on 18 and it hit the grandstand. He had to hit up over the sand from a lie that had been trampled by fans all day. He managed to hit to about 15 feet and made the comeback putt to force another hole. And you know what happened on 17, the second playoff hole.

For his efforts, Bill won a combined $11.44 million including $10 million for capturing the FedExCup and $1.44 for winning at East Lake. All in a day’s work. I loved Hunter Mahan’s reaction to losing the playoff. After his green side interview concluded, the interviewer said “condolences” to which Hunter responded “Condolences? I didn’t die today”. I loved his reaction because sure it sucks to lose in a playoff, especially the way he did, but it’s not the end of the world. He’s only 29 years old and has a lot of golf left in him.

Congrats to Bill Haas--he’s one of my favorite golfers!

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Kurt the Knife says:
I always collect golf shot terms like when you fail to leave a bunker is called an "Adolf".

or going from one bunker to another is called a "Saddam Hussein".

Bill Haas has inspired one i was thinking of from a bunker into the water we'll call a "Bin Laden".
Torleif Sorenson says:
KtK: 1000 points for you; great line. Hopefully Muammar Gaddafi will be the source of another line -- just as long as he dies in the process.

Kudos also to Luke Donald and K.J. Choi for giving us a few other pleasant moments today and tying for third. Choi is a rock.
Kurt the Knife says:

My entire game is called a "Gaddafi"

Most folks I play with protest me being there.
oobscott2 says:
i play that water shot probably once a week at least. the 9th and 18th holes are both next to this big lake. ill be damned if im gonna take a drop when i can walk in and hit it out. it gets messy and smells nasty though (the water in the lake)
homermania says:
Well, I don't regret going out to play last night, but damn, I wish I saw that live!
GolfSmith7 says:
I saw it live (on tv that is) and I couldn't believe that ball stopped that quickly. These guys are good!
legitimatebeef says:
Normally I don't like to begrudge anyone's reaction to winning as that is a personal thing but when Haas sank his short putt for par and the win, if you didn't know any better you'd think the guy had just won himself a free cheeseburger. Leave it to pro golf to make winning $11MM seem joyless and uncompelling.
oobscott2 says:
for them, $11M is pennies on the dollar
jrbizzle says:
legit - per the post-round interview Haas wasn't 100% sure he won the FedEx Cup at the time. Starting in 25th place, so many things had to happen for him to win, he assumed he just won the event, and not the overall title. He admits he thought he had a chance to win, but my guess is he didn't want to go overboard and then see Webb Simspon come walking out to get the big silver cup.

So his reaction was a bit subdued. Had he known for sure he wont he extra 10M, I'm guessing he would have gone a little more bonkers.
tennesseeboy says:
Can someone explain to me how he put that much spin on the ball. It looks like he hit the water at least 6 inchs behind the ball and the divot in the mud started a good 4 inches behind the ball. Amazing.
EloraBlue says:
So does this mean Bill Haas is the best golfer of the year? Isn't that what the ads for the fed ex cup kept telling us all year?

I can't believe how uninspiring the "playoffs" are.
mmontisano says:
Haas beat Webb Simpson by only 15 points. I still don't know how Luke Donald didn't win. he's the king of the back door top 5.
Jattruia says:
Yeah, the fedex playoffs need some help. Haas was good this year, but did anyone think he was 'FedEx champ' good? When the winner sinks the final putt and has no clue that he is the season champ, then the system is 'flawed' to say the least.
Banker85 says:
That shot was amazing. This is my beef with the fedex cup. People either want it to represent an all year long race or what the tour wants us to believe that it is the playoffs. Like playoffs in basketball or football, once you get in the playoffs everyone has a shot to win. So since Bill Haas got into the 1st round and played well enough to advance all the way to the top 30 and then won Tour Championship he deserved it. Seems like some people want it both ways.
wrhall02 says:
If I ever win $11M...well it ain't gonna happen...but I would be a celebrating fool.

This year many players impressed but no one dominated. Seasons like this one make it hard (impossible) to define an undisputed #1.

Golf is a fickle game. It's hard to be brilliant for a whole season. All of us golfers feel the wrath of the golf gods: e.g. drive well but can't buy a putt...or... sink putts from everywhere but can't find a fairway...shoot a person best followed by a forgettable round the next day...etc etc.
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