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Kevin Na Wins Shriners Open
By mustang6560 on 10/3/11
It's a good thing Kevin Na won the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open Sunday (exhale, worst name ever), otherwise his highlight reel from the 2011 season would only include embarrassing shots.

Remember hole 9 at the Valero Texas Open? Kevin carded a 16 on the par 4, setting a new record on the PGA Tour as the highest score on a par 4. And Saturday, Kevin gave us this gem from the tee box of hole 15 at TPC Summerlin.

To the casual observer, it looks like Kevin swings and misses like a 20 handicapper (no offense 20 handicappers). But, upon closer inspection it was a calculated miss.
“I’ll take it back; it feels decent, and my transition is what I’m always working on,” Na said. “It’s always my bad habit is I get quick. And on the way down my transition doesn’t feel right, and I try to stop, and obviously it’s impossible for me to stop. The only way for me to stop is I have to come up and go over the ball.”
So we now have a new name for a whiff, it's called a "Kevin Na". So next time you are on the course and you completely whiff the ball, politely turn to your buddies and say "Hey, no big deal, I just pulled a Kevin Na". Congratulations to Kevin for his win in Las Vegas and for giving us a new word for whiff. Let's see if we can get the definition into Urban Dictionary...

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photo by Bill Spruce

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bkuehn1952 says:
I though a "Kevin Na" was when you shoot a "16" on a hole. Boy am I out of the loop! It is so hard for we seniors to keep up with all the new words and phrases.
bkuehn1952 says:
homermania says:
I'd simplify it down to just the "Na".
legitimatebeef says:
I tuned in because I wanted to see what Kevin Na would do next. I expected him to fold and for the steadier Watney to win. I am not a Kevin Na fan but I was impressed with his play. He putted extremely well. Shooting 65 in the final group is impressive and doesn't happen all that often.
oobscott2 says:
now if you attempt to hit the ball and miss its a stroke. how do you know when it's a stopped swing and when its intentional? I mean yea, it doesnt look like he was trying to hit it like that
birdieXris says:
@oobscott2 - Basically you're the only one who REALLY knows. When it's a pro, it's assumed that if he missed it at all (when it's teed up anyway) that it was intentional and wasn't meant to be a stroke. The rules allow for it but i've only seen it done a few times. I think if the average guy were to pull something like Na did, it could be called a whiff. A high handicapper would have to miss by at least 2 feet in order for me to call it intentional unless they said something on the way down.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Na na naaaah naaa, hey hey hey, good bye...
Backquak says:
it's not considered a penalty on the tee box but it is a penalty on all other strokes because the ball is not in play yet on the tee and it is in play on the others. Right guys??? I didn't look it up, but I think that's the way it is.
dukedsp says:
It doesn't matter if it is on the tee or not.

14/1.5 Intent to Strike Ball Ceases During Downswing; Club Not Stopped But Path of Clubhead Altered to Avoid Striking Ball

Q. A player begins his downswing with the intention of striking the ball but decides during the downswing not to strike the ball. The player is unable to stop the club before it reaches the ball, but he is able to swing intentionally over the top of the ball. Is the player deemed to have made a stroke?

A. No. The player is considered to have checked his downswing voluntarily by altering the path of his downswing and missing the ball even though the swing carried the clubhead beyond the ball.

If the player had not successfully checked his downswing (i.e., he had struck the ball), he is considered to have made a stroke.
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