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By mustang6560 on 10/4/11
Luke Donald's incredible streak of no three-putts came to an end over the weekend at the Dunhill Links Championship at St. Andrews. The world number one started the tournament with 434 consecutive holes without a three-putt and made it all the way to 449 before his second putt for par missed left.
Donald extended his magical touch on the greens all the way through his front nine and got to the seventh (his 16th) before disaster struck. Well OK, it wasn't THAT tragic, but his run of holes without a three-putt came to an end at 449. After lagging up from 70 feet, Donald was left with an eight-footer for par -- and missed.

"I was a little upset, yeah," Donald said with a wry smile after signing for a three-under-par 69. It's the little victories in golf, isn't, that we look for. I didn't want to miss. But 69 is not a bad score to start the week."
I can imagine Luke was a little upset, but at least his streak ended on a legitimate missed putt--an 8-foot putt is no gimmie. Had he missed a tap in, or a near tap in for par, it would have been much more frustrating.

Luke's streak dated back to the Canadian Open, which was the week of July 21st. So if you're keeping count, his streak lasted just over 10 weeks ... 10 weeks! I would love to go 10 holes without a three-putt. I played a round Sunday at my home course without a three-jack, but it's not very often I can go a full round without a blemish. The faster the greens, the more likely I am too three-putt too.

What's the longest you've gone without a three-putt?

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ericsmi says:
I very occasionally can go through a complete round without 3-putting, but overall, I 3-putt 17.4% of the time and 4-putt 0.8% of the time (both stats courtesy of the GHIN reports feature on GHIN.com).
homermania says:
Isn't there a button on Oob that tells me how long?
mustang6560 says:
@homermania- It won't tell you your current streak, but you can find out your 3-Putt Avoidance". Under "Reports/Charts", click on "Single Statistic Summary" and then switch to "3-Putt Avoidance". If you're not tracking it, you'll need to add it first.
ilovebacon says:
What's the pga record?
GolfSmith7 says:
My longest streak is 9 rounds without three putting, but lately I've been in a slump, more birdies but also more three putts. the last 4'ish rounds have had as many of 5 three putts.
Banker85 says:
i barely go thru a round w/o 3-putting. i would have to say maybe 2 rounds max.
Pluto says:
Good lord, I have a few per round. Would love to have a round without a 3 putt.
falcon50driver says:
I sometimes think about Greg Chalmers putting disaster. He started out one foot away and lipped out 4 times for a 5 putt
jeremyheslop says:
3 jacks are my specialty lol...maybe 9 holes
mmontisano says:
3? 4?
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