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Bryce Molder Wins Frys.com Open
By mustang6560 on 10/10/11
The Golf Channel is ridiculous.

Yesterday, the Frys.com Open went to a playoff between eventual winner Bryce Molder and Briny Baird. It was the 17th time a PGA Tour event was decided by a playoff this season and it took six holes before Bryce finally did one stroke better than Briny. The sudden death playoff featured several opportunities for either player to win so it was an exciting finish to say the least.

After The Golf Channel wrapped up its coverage from California, Kelly Tilghman and Frank Nobilo signed off and turned things over to the guys in the Orlando studio. And what's the first thing they talked about after arguably the best of the 17 playoff finishes in 2011?

Tiger Woods's T30 finish.

Now I understand Tiger sells more ads for ... well, everyone ... but normally you talk about the winner first and then you segue into other interesting stories from the event. I will give The Golf Channel the benefit of the doubt and assume they needed the extra two minutes to finish putting the final touches on the highlights from the playoff together. But you know what happens when you assume ...

Anywho, the Fall Series is off to a pretty good start. Here I thought my interest would start to dip now that football is back, however, the first two events have provided exciting finishes with Kevin Na's win at the Shriners Open and Bryce's win yesterday. Both players had legitimate chances to win the playoff and it looked like Briny was going to do it after his approach shot on the fourth playoff hole hit the flag and landed some 10 feet away and Bryce was over 70 feet away on the front of the green. Golf is a funny sport.

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photo by U.S. Pacific Fleet

[ comments ]
falcon50driver says:
Golf's not a sport, It's a game.
dooboo says:
Don't hate the player...hate the game!!!
homermania says:
Shriners open? Oh, you mean the Justin Randall Timberlake Foundation Shriners Hospital for Children Open.
Torleif Sorenson says:
This SPORT (ahem!) occasionally yields some excruciatingly tight overtime victories; yesterday in Silicon Valley was one of the best. Not only were they running out of daylight, but the playoff ran so long that I was surprised that ESPN's Steve Levy ("Mr. Overtime") was *not* calling the play-by-play.

What I don't understand is what Baird's nickname ("Briny") means, or how he got it?
Torleif Sorenson says:
(ordering a respirator for @homermania...)
legitimatebeef says:
I tuned into the playoff once I noticed it was like 9pm EST and the damn thing was still on. But I'd had to stop watching regulation because I could no longer take Kelly Tilghman and company telling me over and over how excited I should be about Bud Cauley and his dad. These golf tv people...once they get someone who's in their early 20's then they just get completely hung up on the age topic and literally cannot stop talking about it. This is why I love the European coverage--when they have little or nothing to say they tend to just shut up, which is absolutely the right thing to do. Tilghman is the epitome of the American broadcaster with uncontrollable verbal diarrhea.

Briny Baird is one of those guys who perpetually looks forty-eight years old. Was shocked to learn that he's 39. Certain guys, Billy Mayfair is another one of them, look like they were born to be old men.
wrhall02 says:
Yeah...what @beef wrote!

I lost all interest in Golf Channel...they just are not interesting commentators and I hate when GC tries to to tell me who and what I should like.
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