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By mustang6560 on 10/11/11
With Andrew leaving and golf headed into slow season, we decided to try something new on oob. Instead of posting a few stories over the course of the day, we're going to post a daily round up of the most interesting golf stories and we're going to call it "The Links". Don't worry, The Wedge Guy, product reviews, guest columns and oobgolf giveaways aren't going anywhere. Your feedback is welcome.


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Tiger Woods' hot dog incident from the Open made the Sport's Hot Dog Hall of Fame.


Did Bryce Molder tap the ground down in his putting line before sinking the winning putt on the sixth playoff hole at the Open? You can repair divot marks in your path, but you can't tap down the ground - it's a two stroke penalty. We may never know because according to Jay Busbee, the PGA Tour cut the footage where Bryce may or may not have tapped the ground with his putter from the highlights. For now, Bryce is still the winner.


The Open Championship will return to the Old Course at St. Andrews in 2015 for the 29th time. The R&A decided to continue the tradition of having the Old Course host golf's third major every fifth year.


Matt Kuchar, in my opinion, comes across as a fairly plain guy and it looks like my feelings were confirmed in this video. I'm not saying Matt is the boringest guy on the PGA Tour, but I think he'd give other seemingly boring guys a run for their money. Who is the boringest golfer?



World number two Lee Westwood wants to add a fifth major ... in Asia. First, this would never happen - the tradition of men's golf is set. Second, why Asia, Lee? Is it because you do better in that part of the world? I see you don't have any majors yet and I was wondering if you think adding a fifth in Asia would give you a better chance of finally getting one.

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TeT says:
Did Molder have a comment?
legitimatebeef says:
These guys are always tapping down "ball marks" in their putting line. It it definitely suspicious because what tour player doesn't fix his own ball mark once he arrives at the green? It's not like a muni course where greens are rife with unrepaired marks. So why the need to re-repair ball marks all the time? This seems like one of those honor-system issues for the most part.

Maybe it's just as well because from what I saw of the Fry's playoff, by the end of the day those greens were awfully bumpy and putts were wobbling all over the place just like they do at my local muni. If someone hadn't smoothed out their line who knows how long that playoff would've lasted.
homermania says:
Not sure if I like the one stop shop for all the stories of the day, but I can adapt. I would like to nominate Nick Watney for Most Boring Golfer.
mantajim says:
So now we'll have to filter through comments about 5-6 stories on one page. hmmmm
No much likey.
Banker85 says:
good point mantajim. i like checking back in throughout the day to see new posts and new comments. Now i just check in once for all the stories of the day? Not a fan.
jpjeffery says:
Wait, the Kuchars drive the kids a mile and a half to school?
srogers13 says:
I have to say I am not a fan of the one stop page. Especially when people start making comments on different stories.
falcon50driver says:
Can we get Andrew back?
ilovebacon says:
Beep. Beep. Beep. Backup - bring back the regular format - it keeps me coming back. Not a fan of this.
legitimatebeef says:
You can't have five majors simply because the four majors concept is based on baseball's Grand Slam. For you Brits out there the term Grand Slam represents the number four. four as in four bases, four runs in one swing, four breakfast items on one plate, etc.

That said I think what people like Lee Westwood really want is for the PGA championship to give up it's major status. That seems inevitable at some point. Lets face it it's sort of the US Open Lite, same courses with easier setups and the odd distinction of reserved spots for the top club pro's. There are three majors played in the US. The world has proven to be our equal in the game, so why not a major somewhere in the eastern hemi. It will take some time. Asia is steadily establishing itself on the golf planet, the HSBC tourney seems to get bigger each year, but its still early.
larrynjr says:
Other than tradition, what makes the Majors, Majors? Is it the how big the prize money is?
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