The Wednesday Links
By mustang6560 on 10/12/11
With Andrew leaving and golf headed into slow season, we decided to try something new on oob. Instead of posting a few stories over the course of the day, we're going to post a daily round up of the most interesting golf stories and we're going to call it "The Links". Don't worry, The Wedge Guy, product reviews, guest columns and oobgolf giveaways aren't going anywhere. Your feedback is welcome.

Idiot of the Day

Meet Brandon Kelly. You might otherwise know him as the man who threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods during the final round of the Open. His name was not immediately released by the Santa Clara Sheriff's Office, but the 31-year-old from Sonoma County did an interview with a local newspaper. What inspired him to throw the hot dog?

“I threw the hot dog toward Tiger Woods because I was inspired by the movie ‘Drive,'" Kelly said. “As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, ‘I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.'”

Best Fan Interference Photos

Brandon Kelly's lady-like hot dog toss is not the first time a crazed fan stepped onto the course during play at a golf tournament. compiled the 14 best fan interference photos over the last 30 years for your viewing pleasure.

Chevron World Challenge Field Announced

Tiger Woods announced the 18-player field for the Chevron World Challenge yesterday. The former world number one barely qualified for his own tournament as he and FedExCup winner Bill Haas were awarded exemptions to fill the 17th and 18th spots.

Get Out and Vote

Round 2 is underway to see who will appear with Tiger Woods on the cover of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. In the North American Bracket, it's Dustin Johnson vs. Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson vs. Hunter Mahan. In the European Bracket, it's Luke Donald vs. Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell vs. fellow countryman Rory McIlroy. The guys are pleading for votes on Twitter so go vote now!

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bkuehn1952 says:
I think resurrecting instances of fan interference only tends to encourage future episodes. In a perfect world, the media would give -0- attention to these situations and deny the morons their 15 seconds of fame.
Banker85 says:
true idiot. that fan interface was weak sauce. How sad would it have been if Tiger didn't qualify for his own Tourney. McIlroy got his Turn. Bubba is getting my Vote and Luke Donald for the Euros.
legitimatebeef says:
Great now that guy is getting the full on celebrity treatment. You know there's a reason that TV networks don't air footage of these losers and it's obviously a good one.
legitimatebeef says:
What a bunch of twats. "PLeeease vote for meeeee!!"
birdieXris says:
I gotta say, the girl from golden can interfere with my game whenever she feels like it.
Banker85 says:
2nd that birdie. i Think it was golden palace..
dottomm says:
Sonoma County Representing! Nice Work Hot Dog Guy!!! Yea. I live in Petaluma and no. I don't know this guy.
wrhall02 says:
Sheesh. I just lost all respect for Poulter, Donald, Watson, Fowler & McIlroy...when did narcissism take over the world?
Matt F says:
Please get rid of this links rubbish Nate!
homermania says:
What's the story on the Bill Murray pushing Grandma into a sand trap photo?
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