Tom Lewis vs. Bud Cauley
By mustang6560 on 10/17/11
I see your tour card, and raise you a victory.

American Bud Cauley made headlines two weeks after his solo third place finish at the Open put him in a strong position to become just the sixth player in history to earn their rookie PGA Tour card without having to go through Q-School. And after another solid performance at the McGladrey Classic where he finished T15, the 21-year-old is virtually guaranteed membership for the 2012 PGA Tour season (I told you he was going to be a standout).

But, Bud is not the only youngster turning heads in professional golf.

Tom Lewis, the 20-year-old British amateur who held a share of the first round lead at the Open Championship at Royal St. George's, earned his European Tour card Sunday after winning the Portugal Masters in just his third start as a professional. Since Tiger Woods is baseline for all modern golf stats, it's worth noting it took Tiger five starts as a professional before his won his first.

So if you're keeping score, Tom essentially one-upped Bud by avoiding Q-School AND winning a golf tournament. Maybe this is the start of a future cross Atlantic rivalry...

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bkuehn1952 says:
Good call on Mr. Cauley. That nearly 3-month-old prediction was spot on.
legitimatebeef says:
I'm clutching my chest.
jrbizzle says:
Yes, it took Tiger 5 starts to win his first tournament. He also won the amateur title 3 years straight after also winning the Junior Amateur 3 straight, how does Mr. Lewis stack up there? :)
TeT says:
Right now Mr Lewis looks like better odds v. Woodsie. Hopefully that will change, time will tell...
celestejax says:
Just my opinion but I really think America NEEDS Bud Cauley right now! We need something to believe in and I think he can give us that subtly distraction we truly need right now! I hope his fan base grows outrageously and people who never watched golf before start watching just because of him. I know I did! You would NEVER have gotten me to watch the sport until now. I think he's an amazing young man and I hope his successes continue to grow! GO BUD!
dartboss04 says:
either celestejax is being facetious...or i think bud's mom is now an oob member...
Banker85 says:
lol @dartboss +1
jarick098 says:
isn't this where someone is supposed to say, "he's the next tiger woods!"
falcon50driver says:
No, I think that quote has lost it's luster, because being tiger ain't so great.
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