'Do you realize that you just shot 25?'
By mustang6560 on 9/19/12
Todd Baek, a former collegiate and current mini-tour golfer, pulled off an unbelievable feat Sunday — he carded three eagles, five birdies, and one par to shoot an 11-under-par 25 on the front nine at Salt Creek Golf Club.
"I was amazed myself," Baek said on Monday. "It was like, 'What's going on?' We were playing for money, so my friends were giving me (crud) about it. They said you need to stop making birdies or you're going to walk home."

Baek bested by two shots Nationwide Tour pro Brian Smock's course record of 62, but his 12-under 60 turned out to be bittersweet. He reached the par-5 18th green in two shots with a chance to score a magical 59, but three-putted from 60 feet.

"I was more mad that I screwed up my chance to shoot 59," Baek said. "But on the way home my friends were saying, 'Do you realize that you just shot 25?' We were laughing about it."
It's too bad Todd wasn't able to break 60 after making the turn in 25 strokes. However, it's hard to be too "mad" about any round where you shoot 11-under-par on one nine (I've usually reached the 25 stroke mark by the fourth or fifth hole). But, I can understand his frustration. Nothing ruins a good round quicker than a three-jack on the final hole!

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Image via Flickr, Tyler J. Bolken

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Backquak says:
just imagine shooting 25 on 9 holes, now that he knows its possible he can card another one and then at some point card 2 25s in one round and BOOM we stop thinking 59 is a big deal. Ofcourse he had one par on that nine so next time he needs to make one more birdie
cph2133 says:
Kevin Na reading the headline, "Man, I don't feel so bad about my 16 anymore!"

Kevin Na reading the story, "Aw crap"
bducharm says:
LOL @cph2133!!!

That truly is incredible! 6800+ from the tips so no push over!!!
Panerai111 says:
Hahahaha! Nice one @cph2133
SD Charlie says:
Salt Creek is definitely no pushover - I've played there a few times. Lot's of hazard, well-placed bunkers, and tough greens.
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