John Boehner Criticized For Golfing
By mustang6560 on 10/19/11
Republican House Speaker John Boehner's appearance at a GOP fundraiser at Pelican Hill Golf Club in Southern California was spoiled Monday by a group of protesters organized by Courage Campaign. The progressive group protested all morning holding signs (one read "99% Can't Afford to Golf Here"), chanting on bullhorns, and the leader of the group even managed to con his way inside Pelican Hill to approached Boehner.
"He knows he can't go anywhere without the people going with him," said Rick Jacobs, founder of the Courage Campaign, a progressive group. "I hope that even while he's up there, raking in millions in cash, he knows there's people here and everywhere.

"We're going to make clear that this isn't a funny time anymore. This is a real time. It's time for him to get busy on jobs and not on his golf game."
I understand golf has an elitist stigma attached to it, but just because Boehner plays golf doesn't mean he cares any less about the economic outlook of the United States. As I've said before, I think it's crap when a politician gets grief for playing golf while in office, regardless of the venue. I've defended President Barack Obama's right to play golf so it's only fair for me to defend Boehner in this situation.

I do appreciate the fact that peaceful protesting is a right Americans are granted, but I've always been curious to know how people can afford to protest. Don't these people have jobs, families and/or some other obligation in life? The protest at Pelican Hill only lasted for part of a day, but I don't see how people involved in protests like Occupy Wall Street can afford to protest non stop.

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photo by Keith Allison

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birdieXris says:
Let me take a few paid vacation days from work so i can go protest the unemployment rate. Way to go, America. Way to go.
brian575 says:
I will defend John Boehner just as I defended the president. People are allowed to have free time and participate in social activities while they are in office. As far as protest go, people, college age, the unemployed, the uber wealthy and retirees have more time for things like OWS. Protests are good because they are raising a voice that many people that are unable to protest feel. People without the time usually support by donating to these protests. I am assuming that is how the OWS group is surviving.
I also think it is easier to find people to protest in areas where the unemployment rate is high, and also where there are a large percentage of young people. I think Egypt would be a good example of a place where these conditions were met.
jwilder78 says:
Courage Campaign? I don't know the group's larger goals, but this kind of thing makes it look foolish. If Boehner were to stop playing golf, it would do as much good for the country as this stupid group does protesting golf -- i.e., none.

Get a real cause, fight for changes that matter, not those that will get you on TV. Peaceful protest in a public venue is one thing, but I don't see how you have a right to flat-out harass someone at a private event.

I'm a Dem, but let the man play some golf!!
Matt F says:
Get his name right, it's BONER, cause he looks like a d%$#.
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