Vietnam Bans Golf
By mustang6560 on 10/25/11
I've never been to Vietnam, but from what I've read, driving is fairly dangerous in the Asian country. Crowded roads, poor infrastructure and a slumping economy have all contributed to the fact that Vietnam has one of the highest traffic accident rates in all of Asia.

But, good news, the new transport minister, Dinh La Thang, figured out how to fix it - ban transportation officials from playing golf. If you can read Vietnamese, you can read the official statement on the transportation ministry's website.
The transport ministry said on its website that some senior officials were spending too much time on the putting green and, as a result, were under-performing at work during a difficult period for the Vietnamese economy.
Seems logical, right? If the infrastructure in Vietnam is bad, and the ministry of transportation is in charge of improving it, but transportation officials are too busy playing golf to fix it, then banning golf will improve the infrastructure?
Regardless of whether or not you agree with Thang's golf ban, if you work for him you better heed his warning or else.
“We will have many secret methods to supervise how staff will follow the minister’s regulation,” Pham Tang Loc told Tien Phong (Pioneer) newspaper. “In this very difficult time, senior officials should concentrate on completing important projects rather than spending time playing golf. It’s a waste of money and time and they even use their government-provided cars for this.”
After reading articles like this, it's good to take a step back to appreciate where you live. Sure, America has it's problems, but clearly it's still the best place to live on earth. Can you imagine having government spies watching to make sure you don't play a round of golf?

The thought is disturbing.

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photo by Hmoong

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Banker85 says:
tough times call for tough measures.
sjduffers says:
The thought is not disturbing at all if these officials play golf on the government time and dime, which looks like it's the implication here...
mmontisano says:
the really stupid this about this is that he warns the officials that he's placed spys all over to make sure that they won't play golf. now, it's a waste of government time and money for their officials to play golf on your own personal time, but it's NOT a waste of government time and money to put spys out there to make sure they aren't playing?

makes not sense....
Daipv says:
nothings to say
Torleif Sorenson says:
"Socialism is a real danger to golf and in fact every other game. A succession of governments with socialistic ideas, piling up increased taxes and rates on golf courses, have already retarded materially the growth of golf in Britain. Socialism is a policy of destruction and not construction. History has proved many times that it can only lead to misery and destitution."
— Dr. Alister MacKenzie (1870-1934), medical doctor and renowned golf course architect

Oh, if only we could support the liberation of Viet Nam and the expansion of golf there, life for everyone there (women especially!) would be so much better. (Communist / socialist b@st@®d$...)
viet-cong-ban-nuoc says:
viet cong or vc are a bunch of thugs and thieves. They used the ideas of social improvement to fool the people in order to seize government. So, for that, they have to do anythings to protect their posts, became corrupted hundred-fold compared to former South Vietnam. These officials are so corrupted that they became US-Dollar millionaires with tens to hundreds millions over-night. These commies thugs purchased super-expensive cars, yachts, airplanes, you name it. Do you think the money they accumulated from salary from a poor communist country? Vietnamese, Chinese, Russians commies are the same bunch of thugs that suck the blood from their own people that they claimed "Liberated"!
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