Luke Donald Wins Player of the Year
By mustang6560 on 10/28/11
Luke Donald is the 2011 PGA of America Player of the Year and Vardon Trophy award winner.
Donald becomes the second native of England to win the PGA of America Player of the Year award, joining Nick Faldo (1990); and he is the second Briton to capture the Vardon Trophy, first presented to “Lighthorse” Harry Cooper in 1937.
I'm sure Luke is delighted to be the recipient of both awards, but I know he really wants to win the PGA Tour Player of the Year award because it's voted on by his peers. To have an institution like the PGA of America acknowledge your greatness is nice and all, but it's really sweet when your friends/coworkers acknowledge your ability.

The PGA Tour announced earlier in the week that it will wait to send out the POY ballots to players until after the WGC-HSBC Champions event in Shanghai next week - a decision Luke called sketchy at best. Originally, the ballots were supposed to be distributed at the end of the season, which was the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic. But, a member of the media reminded PGA Tour officials that technically the HSBC Champions is co-sponsored by the PGA Tour, so the end of the season isn't for two more weeks.

I know Luke felt a little snubbed by the decision, but the PGA Tour said it was an honest mistake (and I do believe them) and I highly doubt next week's results will change the voting much. I still think Luke is a lock to win the PGA Tour POY based on his performance this season.

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photo by Keith Allison

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legitimatebeef says:
"I think the decision to add HSBC is a little sketchy. I feel like even if I went to Shanghai and won, they'd find another event to add."

jrbizzle says:
I'm no huge Luke Donald fan, but I disagree beef. I think it's somewhat refreshing that a guy like Donald, who isn't insanely long like DJ or has a wicked short game like Phil, set goals and was very public about them, to become #1 in the world and win the money title on both tours. And then went out and did it.

In a day and age when tour players are constantly admonished for not playing enough, or ramping up only for the majors, this guy was out there crossing continents and playing nearly every week. And playing consistent, damn good golf.

And then the PGA had a mis-hap which most definitely looked like it was biased against him. He spoke out, and I admire his honesty.
jrbizzle says:
And his stats this year are off the charts, with the exception of not winning one of the 4 majors.

On the PGA tour - 19 events played, 17 cuts made, 2 wins, 2 seconds, 14 top tens, 16 top 25s, 69.3 scoring average.

On the Euro tour (there is some overlap) - 12 events played, 11 cuts made, 3 wins, 2 seconds, 10 tops 25s, 69.24 stroke average.
jcstoll says:
I don't understand - he's been announced the winner, with not all the votes in?
Banker85 says:
WOW those stats are crazy! I understand why he is upset about the POY voting but to say they will find another event is a little immature. He should be a lock regardless.
Banker85 says:
@jcstoll: Luke won the PGA of America POY, not the PGA Tour POY.
putz says:
last year the HSBC was played before the Disney so it's results were able to be considered. This year it was after the Disney so it is "fair" (whatever that means) to wait until it is complete. Unlikely to alter the final votes.
mmontisano says:
does anyone know how I can catch Luke Donald Disease?
legitimatebeef says:
I think Luke Donald's done great things this year, but in reference to the quote I posted you can't argue that he didn't just have a "waahhh" moment there.
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