Rory McIlroy or Yani Tseng
By mustang6560 on 11/1/11
Yet another example of why I find Twitter to be amusing.

Golf Magazine ran a poll on its Facebook page asking "the people" to vote for this year's Player of the Year. The leading candidates were world number one Luke Donald, U.S. Open champ Rory McIlroy, PGA Champ Keegan Bradley and 11 time winner Yani Tseng. The results, which were released yesterday, left the publication scratching its proverbial head in disbelief because Yani won by a landslide. Of the nearly 5,300 votes cast, over 5,100 people (or 96%) voted for the number one ranked female golfer.

So when Golf Magazine announced its POY selection earlier today, some people expected to see Yani's face on the cover. But, the publication named Rory as its POY. In an attempt to make light of the situation, Alan Shipnuck, one of Golf Magazine's lead writers, tweeted the following.
Alan Shipnuck tweeted: "Luuuke who? @McIlroyRory named Golf Magazines's Player of the Year. Hey, don't blame me, I just work here! #GMPOY"
Had Alan not said anything, I'm not sure many people would have made the connection, but since he did, world number one Luke Donald, golf writer Steve Elling and the blog Irish Golf Desk fired back at him.
Steve Elling tweeted: "Yani wins 96% of online votes in Golf Magazine POY survey. Gave it to Rory, anyway. Should change name to Golf Electoral College Magazine."

Luke Donald tweeted: "@EllingYelling @AlanShipnuck 96% of votes! So rude and disrespectful to Yani. Whoever had final decision just diminished your magazine"

Irish Golf Desk tweeted: "On Golf Magazine Player of the Year. Would a Rory McIlroy cover sell more copies than a Tseng, Donald or Bradley shot?"
Gotta love a good controversy. Alan did not appreciate the Irish Golf Desk's accusation so he fired back saying "How dare you! We care only about art, not commerce".

Do I think Rory would sell more issues of Golf Magazine? Yes. Do I think Yani deserves to be Player of the Year? Yes. Do I think "the people's choice" should have any barring on who Golf Magazine selects as its POY? No. Do I think Alan should have not kept his thought to himself? Yes. Do I like asking rhetorical questions and answering them? Yes.

I have a hard time believing Golf Magazine intended to anger anyone with its POY award. But hey, you can't please everyone and I think you could make an argument (albeit not a very strong argument) that Rory should be POY. He bounced back from a very unlike place after the Masters meltdown on the final nine holes to dominate the U.S. Open. That in and of itself is noteworthy. But POY worthy? Maybe not.

photo by zzazazz

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birdieXris says:
I think if you're going to have a vote for something like that, you should stand by the results. Poor form on Golf Magazine to do that THEN publish the results so everybody knows.
bkuehn1952 says:
Shades of Hayes vs Tilden. Even if Golf Magazine made the title "Male Player of the Year", I think they still got it wrong in not naming Luke Donald. I am going to cancel my subscription!!! Oh, wait, ..., I am not a subscriber. Never mind.
SweetJazz says:
Facts are Facts! It is a no brainer when comparing Yani's tournament success to that of Rory in 2011. That is why Golf Magazine POY does not matter.
legitimatebeef says:
Based on achievement its obvious who's the player of the year, just look at what's happening in the womens world rankings, it's complete ownage. I agree man, this thing does not matter anyways.
mmontisano says:
I've been slowly shying away from mainstream golf publications lately because of BS like this. that and golf blogs allow for more of the person's personality come out in their writing. the problem with blogs though is that they're really just regurgitating what the mainstream publications are putting out there and it feels like you're reading the same thing on every website.

this Golf Mag POY thing is a farce though. it's really hard to justify picking Rory. they all say that women's golf doesn't move the needle because they don't get enough exposure and then they pass up a perfectly good reason to shine the light.
Matt McGee says:
Is it possible that Golf magazine is taking the approach that "any attention is good attention?" They may have gone against their own on-line vote, but they do have a bunch of people on OOB talking about their magazine.
TeT says:
Its not a real award... its Golf Magazines in house thing slapped together by their writers.
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