Michael Jordan Skipping Presidents Cup
By mustang6560 on 11/2/11
Michael Jordan announced that he will not make the trip to Australia in two weeks time to carry out his duties as assistant coach for the U.S. Presidents Cup Team.
"With the NBA labor situation unsettled, as the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, I feel it is necessary that I remain in the country," Jordan said in a statement.
Stupid NBA lockout! I could go on a rant here about the NBA, but I'll spare y'all the hot air.

U.S. captain Fred Couples will never be able to fill the cigar smoking, money game betting persona that is Michael Jordan, but he did ask John Cook to replace MJ as assistant coach. John never represented the U.S. in the Presidents Cup, but the 11 time PGA Tour winner was a member of the winning Ryder Cup team in 1993 so he knows what it's like to represent his country.

Les geaux team USA!

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photo by cliff1066

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Joness says:
In 1770 Captain Cook of the British Navy discovered Australia. Now the US are sending Vice Captain Cook. Disappointing. Got my tickets and was looking forward to seeing MJ down here.
Matt F says:
Joness...he only explored and mapped the east coast. The first sighting of Australia by a European was in 1606.
Joness says:
I suspect that Vice Captain Cook will only be exploring the east coast as well.
Matt F says:
I would imagine so...he's only there to help Woods.
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