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Rory and Chubby Share a Laugh
By mustang6560 on 11/2/11
I want you to think back to high school and/or college for a second - for some of you, it might have been awhile ago. But, nonetheless, remember that curvy lady friend of yours that you dated (or that muscular man for you female oobers out there)? Good. Now, remember how awkward it was running into them for the first time after you broke up?

Well, Rory McIlroy and his ex-manager Chubby Chandler had their inevitable first run-in since the two ended their four year business relationship. But unlike your college flame, their exchange was much less awkward.
“We've both already moved on,” said Chandler. "We shared a laugh and a couple of jokes, had a chat and were fine, just like I'd knew we would be. I wish Rory nothing but the best and he knows that.”
Good. I'm glad to hear the first of many future run-ins went well for the former business partners. Even though Rory left Chubby's ISM for Horizon Sports Management, the two will most certainly run into each other time and time again at tournaments around the world so it's definitely important for them to be amicable.

As for your old school significant other, I'm guessing the two of your don't speak anymore, which is probably for the best.

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photo by thatautguy

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Kurt the Knife says:
and then he punched him in the nose
bkuehn1952 says:
... followed by a kick to the kidneys, ...
legitimatebeef says:
Now I can sleep easy tonite.
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