Is the Presidents Cup Broken?
By mustang6560 on 11/21/11
Since the inaugural Presidents Cup in 1994 at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia, the biennial event pitting the United States against the World has been an one sided affair. The U.S. side is 7-1-1 all time against the International side, and after yesterday's conclusion of the 2011 Presidents Cup, the domination seems likely to continue.

Greg Norman, the International Team captain, said he'd like to see a few changes to the structure of the Presidents Cup. Specifically, he thinks the number of foursome matches should be reduced AND the International captain should get two additional captain's picks. I, like Greg, am afraid if something doesn't give, the Presidents Cup may become irrelevant in the golfing world. However, I'm not sure his suggestions have any real merit.

I don't have the magic decoder ring so I'm not sure how to make the Presidents Cup more competitive. But, it seems to me Greg made some errors as captain that cost his side some points. For example, in Thursday's Foursome, Adam Scott and K.J. Choi absolutely man-handled Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker 7&6. So why did he split them up for Friday's Four-Ball? He put Adam with K.T. Kim against Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk and they lost 2&1. And in Sunday's Singles, he should have put a struggling Robert Allenby up against Tiger Woods to basically throw the match. Give Aaron Baddeley a chance to win against David Toms.

I know it's easy to Monday Morning Quarterback, but I don't think changing the format will help the International side much. How would you fix the Presidents Cup? Do you think it even needs to be fixed?

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bkuehn1952 says:
As golf continues to gain a stronger foothold in Asia, the problem may correct itself. Right now it is the USA versus Australia/South Africa with Asian players almost an afterthought. Eventually we will see the majority of the players come from China/Japan/Korea/SE Asia and they will have a strong incentive to show the world they can play with anyone.

Right now Mr. Norman is trying to deflect attention from his poor handling of his team by claiming they were at a disadvantage in the foursomes.
canuckgolfer says:
The International players don't have much match play experience. Heck they don't even speak the same language together. Not much cohesive team dynamic at all. I think letting the host nation have some say over the format is a good idea. I also think the international team needs to have some kind of match play event in the off years to help them build some team dynamic. The US players play in either the Presidents cup or Ryder cup. Mostly the same guys and they are all very used to each other. That is a huge advantage.

As for this event Greg Norman sucked as a Captain and he has made the worst picks the last couple of Cups. The US team was better and that is why they won.

With a good Captain and some tweaks with how they prepare the Internationals could win some of these Presidents cups. As for anyone who say no change is needed just because the US is winning, I remind those folks of Paul Azinger who asked for and got changes to the selection criteria for the Ryder Cup to help the US win.
bducharm says:
My answer is "Quit whining like a little bitch Greg and take your a$$ whuppin' like a man"!!!
mmontisano says:
I think what he's saying has merit. reduce the 4somes and 4ball matches so you don't have to play everyone on your team. if it was like that, he could have benched struggling Robert Allenby.

plus, the Internationals don't have a single face, an instigator, to rally behind like Europe did in Seve. there's no drama because all the Internationals play the PGA tour, so everyone is buddies. there's no "you against us" vibe like the Ryder Cup.
mmontisano says:
the Internationals did have Vijay try to be the bad guy once when his caddy put on that "Tiger who?" hat, but Tiger destroyed him that day and kinda put out that fire.
Swingem says:
GolfSmith7 says:
Sounds like a sore loser to me!
Pappybro says:
I sort of disagree on International players not having match-play experience; the Europeans do, tho perhaps not so much on the pro level.

At least we should be grateful that Norman didn't suggest that the International captain gets a daily pick of which US player has to play with swimming fins and a sumo costume...
Panerai111 says:
Can Greg Norman go away now? Thanks!
Matt F says:
The International side is not truly international. Where were the Europeans? Why didn't he have Luuuuke or Rory there?
wrhall02 says:
I like the idea of 3 teams for Presidents cup:
-International (rest of world)

2 simultaneous matches played per group.
bkuehn1952 says:
@wrhall02 - wouldn't it be 3 matches: USA vs Int'l, Int'l vs Europe, Europe vs. USA. That could really get confusing when one player closes out another but the loser continues on because he is still in a match with the 3rd.
wrhall02 says:
Each team would play two matches, 3 teams but 2 matches being played.

US (Haas & Watney) plays one match against Europe (McIlroy & Donald) for 1 point and a one match against Intl (Scott & Choi) for another point. And so on...

And yes, one match may end earlier than the other. I like the idea of having more top players involved in team play. was just my idea of improving Pres. Cup for me...
joe jones says:
If Gregg can't find a good team from about 80 available world players maybe he could pick any number of Irishmen that are available. Perhaps Feherty wants to play. Frank Nobilo probably shoots a better game than some of Greggs picks. What a bunch of garbage. First he is critical about Tiger's game only to see Woods clinch the cup.Justice is served.
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