Robert Allenby: "Get Your Own Slump"
By mustang6560 on 11/28/11
Robert Allenby, the only player on either side who didn't earn a point at the Presidents Cup two weeks ago, is tired of hearing about his poor performance at Royal Melbourne.
"Sometimes it's not you. Sometimes other people are hitting you in the shin," he said.

"I'm just sick of people saying I'm in a slump.

"Go get your own slump. This is mine."
I understand some of Robert's frustration (he nearly won the Australian PGA), his playing partners were equally (if not more) responsible for his losing record (he played alongside three different players including Retief Goosen, Y.E. Yang and Geoff Ogilvy). And there's even news of an Allenby-Ogilvy feud (thanks legitimatebeef). But, it's hard to defend a 0-4-0 record at an international event like the Presidents Cup in general, and it's especially difficult when you're a captain's pick.

What fueled the criticism even more, in my opinion, was the fact Greg Norman, the International Team captain, made such a stink about U.S. Team captain Fred Couple's pick of Tiger Woods. So when the dust settled and the U.S. Team won again, and it just so happened Freddie's captain's pick clinched the deciding point, it made Robert an easy target for criticism because he is only the second captain's pick in the history of the Presidents Cup to go win less over four days.

The outcome of the Presidents Cup proved one thing in my mind, Greg is not fit to be captain. I know the next Presidents Cup is not for nearly two years, but if the International Team wants a chance to win, they someone who is a little less outspoken and critical like Freddie.

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bkuehn1952 says:
The pre-match verbal fencing made the event more interesting to me. One of the problems with the President's Cup in the past had been the generally friendly approach by both sides. A little acrimony makes for a more entertaining exhibition. Let's hope someone abrasive becomes the next "International" captain to keep the pot simmering. I nominate Rory Sabbitini!!
Joness says:
Here is a bit of news on the Ogilvy/Allenby Feud:
mmontisano says:
Allenby always seems to be saying something his sticks can't back up. can we stop talking about him please? he's almost as bad as Sabbatini.
legitimatebeef says:
Hey allenby the jerk store called-- they're running outta you.
ebkruger says:
I don't get why such a big deal is made of being the captain's pick. You're a captain's pick because you're not good enough to make the team on current form. If anyone is not going to score a point, smart money is on the worst player i.e. the captain's pick.
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