Robert Allenby v. Geoff Ogilvy
By mustang6560 on 11/29/11
Reports out of Australia Sunday night indicated Robert Allenby challenged fellow countryman and Presidents Cup teammate Geoff Ogilvy "to sort our their differences" following the conclusion of the Australian PGA.

Well,, an online betting website, wants to help them resolve their dispute like gentlemen, so it suggested they meet in the ring and the winner will receive $100,000 to donate to their charity of choice.
“Ogilvy obviously wasn’t happy after Allenby’s comments so we are giving him the chance to not only put up his dukes but also the added motivation of $100,000 to his favourite charity should he win,”’s Ben Hawes said.

“On paper it looks to be a pretty even fight.

"Both are lightweights with long reaches but Allenby can look rather mean when he stares so perhaps he’d go in as the slight favourite.”
I know an Allenby v. Ogilvy boxing match is highly unlikely in today's day and age. But, I can imagine, many moons ago, golfers actually settling their on-course feuds behind the clubhouse ... like gentleman of course. Life back then, before 24/7 news, Facebook and Twitter, was different. Nowadays, you just tweet an apology and that's that.

On the odd chance the two agree to the bout (I mean, they are Aussies after all), I would take Geoff over Robert in the 7th round. Robert has an intimidating stare but Geoff seems to be more cool headed, which would give him a mental edge over an emotional Robert. I also think Geoff would outlast Robert physically so Robert would not get up out of the corner to start the seventh round.


photo by camflan

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legitimatebeef says:
The golf fan in me wishes it were still 2008. These last few years have been rough as the pro game has become well, how should I put this politely...rather convoluted.
dottomm says:
Geoff in 3 rounds.
Banker85 says:
I would take Geoff as well. Skinny guys fight until their burger.
mjaber says:
I think they should go MMA, instead of boxing.

Either way, I'm taking Ogilvy by decision.
Matt F says:
So, what's that about Aussies Sally?
TeT says:
Hes saying that us Americans are wussies and would rather sort out our differences in a politically correct manner... or he is saying that you Aussies are base and uncivilized...

and when did mustang change his name to Sally?
mustang6560 says:
@mwfaith1971- I meant no ill by it, but I met several Aussies while I lived in London and they all shared one characteristic - they were hardcore. It's not very often you meet people who can out party south Louisianians...
Matt F says:
It's all good mate.

I thought you may have meant that. No PC bullshit, meet you round the back of the shed to settle it.

BTW, I'll throw my hat in Allenby's corner. I've met both of them and I think Robert would have the slight edge.

Tet, I think Banker coined the Mustang Sally tag.
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