Tiger Woods Wins Chevron World Challenge
By mustang6560 on 12/5/11
Tiger Woods is finally back in the winners circle.
"It just feels awesome whatever it is," he said.

"I've been in contention twice this year, which is not very often," Woods said. "So that's my third time with a chance to win it. I pulled it off this time."
All the talk about Tiger's two year plus win less drought is finally over. Now, the golf media can start speculating about more important things like when will Tiger win on the PGA Tour again and when will Tiger win a major again (insert sarcasm).

As Tiger stood over his birdie putt on the 17th hole yesterday, I had a feeling that if Tiger made it to tie Zach Johnson then he'd win the tournament. And in that moment, I found myself rooting against him. It's not that I'm partial to Zach or anything, I just wanted Tiger to go two complete calendar years without a win. Then, he could go about his winning ways and break/set whatever records he wanted.

Tiger's win Sunday reminded me how much I've missed his victorious fist-pump and subsequent war cry. I think one of the reasons golf fans truly adore Tiger is because he knows how to celebrate a win. The very moment after a victory is the most emotion we ever get to see from him and I love it!

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photo by Keith Allison

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Kickntrue says:
awesome. made my sunday worth it!
homermania says:
Lookout 2012... the floodgates are open.
legitimatebeef says:
One thing I like about Woods which was evident during the press conference--he doesn't allow himself to be manipulated by the press or let them dictate his responses in the slightest. Basically every other reporter was trying to nudge him to say how frustrating its been to not win for two years and what a relief it finally is to win. There was also that guy who said that detractors will point out that this is only an exhibition; he stares the guy down and says tersely "We have world ranking points". Classic pressroom Tiger. And this is why the golf media secretly resents him. Personally I am glad he does this because I think that golf hacks are some of the most ignorant, hackiest hacks in all of sports writing.
birdieXris says:
I'm happy that he's in the winners circle, but still - I need him to win a full field event in order to say "ok Tiger is back". Beating 20 guys at your own tournament on a course that's basically suited for you isn't really a feat, but a win is a win and at least he won. It's huge psychologically. It at least shows that he's in control of his game - which has been one of the biggest questions. I'm going to be staring at his performance in january as an indicator.
Banker85 says:
Before this tournament I would have been not so sure Tiger would perform when he needed too. 2 Months ago if he would have had to make that putt on 17 i would have been doubting and predict he would miss. There was something about how he has been playing since the Australia Tournament that he had his confidence back. He is back for sure regarless of field size. The tee shot on 17 and the putt and the 2 shots and putt on 18 are a sample of what is to come in 2012. I can't wait!

Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin' my peers
Puttin' suckers in fear
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I really can't wait for '12 to get here now. I think Tiger is back!
wrhall02 says:
Two great putts to win (on 17 & 18)...good for TW.
DaRupp13 says:
The win was less about the trophy and the field and more about how he won. Birdie on 17 to tie, birdie on 18 to win - vintage Tiger. It isn't about beating the field for Tiger recently, it's about not beating himself. And finally the good side of Tiger won, overcoming his own issues which is something we haven't seen in 2 years. That's why this is significant.
DougE says:
Now that he's healthy, he can practice...a lot. That is what he has been doing of late. And, it is starting to show. The golf world had high expectations of him over the last two years, but he was an injured man, both physically and emotionally. Because his name was Tiger, we all thought he'd be able to win in spite of all the negative. Instead, we all saw that he is human. Now, with his health good and the typical two-year mourning period of a failed marriage winding down, I believe we are about to see the super human we once knew, all over again. It will be great for golf. I'm rooting for him.
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