Dustin Johnson Hires Bobby Brown Back
By mustang6560 on 12/14/11
Dustin Johnson announced yesterday that he rehired his old caddie Bobby Brown. It's funny how things come full circle sometimes.

The pair originally parted ways back in April after three years together. A month later, DJ hired Joe LaCava, Fred Couple's longtime caddie, and the two found quick success at the Barclays in August. But, the honeymoon period was brief as the 800 pound elephant in the golf room, Tiger Woods, scooped up LaCava in September.

I am a little skeptical about DJ's (re)hire. The dynamic of the player-caddie relationship is very similar, in my opinion, to the typical romantic relationship. And how often does it work out when you get back with an old flame? Just look at Rory McIlroy and his ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney. The Northern Irish couple tried to patch things up ahead of the U.S. Open at Congressional and look at where they are now (Rors left Holly for tennis star Caroline Wozniacki).

I do hope, for DJ's sake, that the time he spent with Joe LaCava and the handful of other caddies will allow him to develop a more successful working relationship with Bobby this time around.

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homermania says:
Hey, it's his prerogative.
bkuehn1952 says:
@homermania: +1 - I wanted to say that - dang.
mmontisano says:
dude will win with whoever is on his bag, but I do like it because he was in contention in 2 majors with him on the bag. I'm surprised he wanted to mess with that juju in the first place by hiring LaCava.
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