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Jeff Overton Arrested
By mustang6560 on 12/15/11
Jeff Overton was arrested last Friday following the Indiana-Kentucky basketball game on preliminary charges of resisting law enforcement, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.
Evansville native Jeff Overton, a professional golfer, faces three misdemeanor charges after Bloomington police said he was intoxicated and would not stop yelling at people from the passenger seat of a limousine and resisted police, according to a report in the Bloomington Herald-Times.

Overton, 28, who played golf at Indiana University, was arrested Saturday morning and booked into the Monroe County Jail at 3:18 a.m., the newspaper reported. He was released at noon after posting $500 bond, according to the Herald-Times.
I am sure Jeff envisioned a different ending to his night, especially since he attended the game to donate $50k at halftime to his alma mater to support the Play Golf America University program.

I am no expert, but it appears to me that Jeff Overton may have a small drinking problem. My high school principle used to tell us that if you get into trouble, you can usually chalk up the first time to naivety or dumb luck. But, if you get caught a second time doing the same thing, it usually indicates a trend in behavior. Jeff's arrest last weekend is the fourth alcohol related incident in the last decade.

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photo by Keith Allison

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bkuehn1952 says:
With some luck, Jeff Overton will take this opportunity to have a hard look at his behaviour and make changes. Unfortunately, his initial reaction (I did nothing wrong and my attorneys will handle it) does not indicate he is the introspective sort.
Banker85 says:
ya 4 times being arrested is a problem. I wonder if the PGA tour can do anything to persueade him not to be a beligerent drunk. Fines? Suspension? anyone know if they can reprimand tour pros like the commish in NFL or NBA?
wrhall02 says:
One run in with the Police is bad enough and can (should) be a wake up call to change. 4 times is a pattern and likely won't change behavior without intervention.

In Spanish, his type is called a "mala copa." Translated "bad cup," it refers to people that can't handle themselves while drinking. A few drinks and they become jerks.
Mr_X says:
In high school I had a teacher tell the class we need to get plaster twice in our lives - no more, no less. (I went to an all boy's Catholic School. I am sure this level of instruction would fly not in a public school!)

The first time you get hammered because you need to experience the full effect of being drunk. How brave/stupid do nine beers make you? What are beer goggles? Which way does the room spin? How tightly do you need to hug the porcelain god? How bad does a hang over really feel? Etc.

The second time you need to get drunk is to pay attention to the details. When you got drunk first time you probably forgot a lot. This time remember when being happily buzzed ends; and wasted begins. Now that you know when stupidity starts, everything after that point is just a waste of money and alcohol! This was one of the most memorable lessons in high school. Too bad Jeff never learned this lesson.
mattshaver says:
to be fair, that was a hell of a game. /makinglightofserioussituations
mmontisano says:
the dude's a cry baby. he just exudes bad karma. that's probably why he's never won a tournament. he's like the guy that no one wants to play with because they yell at themselves or throw clubs when they hit a bad shot.

he most certainly should have won at the Greenbriar a couple of years ago when Appleby stormed the leaderboard with his 59 and took it away from him. he wasn't making the easy putts so he started getting mad and blurting out a flurry of expletives. he lost his cool so he lost the tournament.
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