Sergio Garcia Throws 4-Iron
By mustang6560 on 12/15/11
Sergio Garcia momentarily lost his cool in the opening round of the Thailand Golf Championship and his otherwise innocent 4-iron paid the price.
The Ryder Cup star, who twice finished second at the PGA Championship, chucked his 4-iron into the water in fury after a poor connection at the par-3, eighth hole during a nightmare opening round in Chonburi, Sky Sports reported.
Why does throwing your golf club feel so good when your frustrated on the golf course?

Just the other day, I was playing a rather boring game of bogey golf when I got to the par 4 sixth of my home course. I sent my tee shot way left (duck hook if you will) onto the fairway of number seven and I never found it. Most likely, it ended up in the water so I just dropped on the fairway about 100 yards from the green. I caught my third shot fat and it ended up in the bunker left of the green. The misery didn't stop there - it took me two shots to get out of the sand! At that point, I couldn't take it anymore and my anger got the best of me. I turned around and threw my lob wedge as far as I could. I instantly felt better. Yes, I know it reflects poorly on me, but I just couldn't help it.

Sergio, I feel your pain and I ain't judging you. His "bad" round finished as a four-over par 76. What I wouldn't do to shoot a 76!

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photo by Jim Epler

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tartantoml says:
I can't imagine throwing a club, what did the club do wrong?
But then again, I can't imagine spitting in the cup after a bad put either.
homermania says:
This would also make a good "Never Have I Ever". I threw a few in my youth, but as an adult find it despicable behavior.
Banker85 says:
I have thrown a club once in anger. threw my driver, accidently i mind you, in a ditch with thorn bushes. That sucked. I have never done it with people around. My father in law does it regularly he is a jack ass.
bkuehn1952 says:
Contemplating tossing a club is similar to thinking about ramming your car into the butt head who is (fill in the blank). A nice fantasy, might make you feel better, but often the consequences are far greater than the fleeting good feelings. So far I have resisted the temptation.
Jattruia says:
Definitely done it, usually a small toss toward the cart....feels GREAT for half a second, but generally sucks before it even hits the ground.
mustang6560 says:
Here's a link to the video:
cvargo says:
Never thrown in anger. But my second round of golf I was with a friend out on the course and had my first chip in. I was ecstatic.... who gets a birdie on the second round ever of golf. I hit the ground tossed the club in the air did a fist pump and you might have thought I won the masters. I was ecstatic!!!! Needless to say I didn't get a par until later that season, and my next birdie came the following year at the end of the season. I still love my first birdie.
Banker85 says:
wow he launched that! what about Lee Westwood at -20 after 36 holes. that is impressive golf.
dottomm says:
I just recently threw my first club. I had just finished a pretty painful front-9 and on the 10th hole hit a marvelous drive. Long and straight up the fairway. An easy 7iron to the green. Chunked it so bad. I was so upset with myself I flung my club at my push cart. Severed the graphite shaft right in half. Needed my 7 iron as you could imagine plenty of times the rest of my day. Lesson learned.
On the plus side, the shaft I got to replaced it seems to be much nicer (or it's spined correctly) and I'm hitting my 7i better than ever. Instead of getting them all re-shafted at once, I sometimes wonder about breaking one per month. But realistically, I doubt I'll ever throw a club again.
DoubleDingo says:
I threw my first club this year. Took my girlfriend up to a mountain course that is a nice retreat. She is green at golf and has been wanting to get out and play more. That day my play was good, bad, and ugly. Messed up an approach shot on the back 9 and threw my 7 iron about 70 yards. It felt great! Unfortunately she thought she was part of the reason I threw it. I had to explain it was a first time, and that I felt better for doing so. So we finished up and all in all it was a great day of golf. Still amazed how good it felt to throw it
Panerai111 says:
I saw a friend chuck a 8 iron into a creek this year on accident. Funniest. Thing. Ever. He tried to throw it straight up in to the air only he threw it a little too far forward about 30 yards too far, and in to the creek it went.
DougE says:
I don't throw....but I drop. If I hit a real bad shot and am pissed, I just let the club go after I complete my backswing. Have done that a number of times.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
The closest I come to throwing a club is a "gentle toss" toward my bag or cart. I learned my lesson the hard way after breaking a putter on a tree via a 50 yard toss toward the woods. Missed a 2 footer for bogey.
cscovil says:
I'm like DougE...I tend to let the club go after the backswing if I hit a bad shot...especially the driver. It just drops on the ground behind me. I actually left my driver in a trash can once, but my buddies playing a few holes behind saw it and brought it back.

I was playing with a 17-year-old poor sport a couple of years ago. He hit a terrible drive on the 1st hole, threw his driver up in the air, and it landed on two tree branches 30-feet up...stuck. I just laughed...and laughed harder when he said it's his dad's driver.
DoubleDingo says:
Come to think of it, I have a Cleveland 2i Hybrid that was free because somebody got angry and threw it through a wrought iron fence. We were finishing up a round of 27 holes (Course has 3-9's) and a guy in our group saw it lying in the brush of an undeveloped parcel next to the tee box. I went through the gate and picked it up. The shaft was shattered from the impact with the fence so I took it home and got my 2i to use for the shaft, had a guy at work switch the shafts, and voila! a new club for free. @cscovil...If my kid did that to my clubs he wouldn't be using them anymore. Uncalled for.
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