Kim Jong-il, By the Numbers
By mustang6560 on 12/20/11
Kim Jong-il, the late North Korean dictator, purportedly shot a jaw dropping 38-under par with 11 hole in ones in the first and only round of golf he ever played.

If you're like me, or any other reasonably intelligent individual, you are probably a little skeptical about his feat - and for good reason. The odds of making a hole in one for the average golfer is 12.5k to 1 so can you imagine what the odds are of making 11 hole in ones in one round? Well, thanks to the Postmedia News, now we know!
According to the Wall Street Journal, a Palm Springs, California, statistician recently calculated that the odds of a 46-year-old woman, Jacqueline Gagne of Rancho Mirage, California, making 10 holes-in-one in less than four months - a claim apparently verified by the Desert Sun newspaper - at roughly 12 septillion (12 followed by 24 zeros) to 1.

Making 11 aces in the same, first, and one and only, round of golf would be, according to Postmedia News' calculation, 183 gazillion to 1.
OK, so a 183 gazillion is a bit nonsensical, but you get the idea - he had a tight control over the 17 people who supposedly witnessed his record round. Oh, and don't forget about the state news agency!

I can't wait to read about Kim Jong-il's son's - Kim Jong-un - first round of golf. I'm guessing he'll shoot an awe inspiring 41-under par and he'll hit for the cycle - condor, albatross, eagle and birdie - with at least 12 hole in ones. He has to best his old man, right?

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bkuehn1952 says:
What I want to know is whether it is genetic or a result of the clothing. We need a report from TeT in regards to his round back in June.

"TeT says:
It's the jumpsuit... I am going out for my golf round in one of my Grandfather's old Dickie jump suits today. I fully expect to shoot a 78 which is 20 strokes below my average...6/29/11"
Backquak says:
it is possible, just really, really, really, unlikely, I mean I hope someday that I can shoot 38 under in 38 consecutive rounds of golf. I can dream can't I

"never tell me the odds" - Han Solo,
mattshaver says:
he's either a bomber or he plays weird courses with 11 par 3's. or am i the only one that thought that when they read it?
falcon50driver says:
What was it that Obama said, when he was told that two Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq? Wow! that's a HUGE number.
SweetJazz says:
Consider this. Il was probably close to the 4'11" club. If he played a standard driver it would be like me (6'2") playing about a 60" driver. 400yd drives....No problem!!!
Torleif Sorenson says:
The departed "Dear Leader" could well have shot a couple of holes-in-one, providing that he was able to putt the ball through the clown's mouth, around the windmill, and between the matching miniature nuclear missile launchers.

Leave it to the Aussies to do a side-splitting obit:

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with the long-suffering North Korean people, who are prisoners of the Kim dynasty and face starvation, torture, and death every day. At least Kim Jong-Il has joined Kim Il-Sung, Joe Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Usama bin SharkBait, and Lenin down there in H-E-double hockey sticks.
wanlotfi says:
is this article even worth mentioning in oobgolf....
IM GOLF says:
I think maybe some golfers intersted in.
mattshaver says:
i wonder if he has a hammer x. he got all his guards to yell POOOOOWWWWW with him which must be good for another 30-40 yds.
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