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Elin Nordegren Demolished Mansion
By mustang6560 on 1/6/12
Well, well, look who is back in the news - Elin Nordegren.

It's been a minutes since we've heard from Tiger Woods' ex-wife but the former Swedish model is making a little noise with the demolition of her $12 million mansion in Florida. She's done a pretty good job flying under the radar since word broke of Tiger's extra marital affairs some two years ago, however, I'm pretty sure anytime you demolish a multi-million mansion you recently purchased in a wealthy neighborhood you're going to turn a few heads. Oh, and the fact she was associated with Tiger doesn't help either.

The architecture firm Elin hired to demolish her current home and rebuild her dream home supposedly signed a confidentiality agreement, but it seems there is a curious neighbor and/or ambitious construction worker because it didn't take long for TMZ to get its figurative hands on the photos. I wonder how much money TMZ paid for them...

You can see photos of the demolition here and here.

photo by roylapost

[ comments ]
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Screw the mansion, bring on some photos of Elin, dammit!
Duke of Hazards says:
did she demo it herself with her trusty 9 iron?
Swingem says:
She did all that with a 9 iron!
Swingem says:
Damn Duke, ya beat me to it!
Banker85 says:
2nd that BAKE. what happened to Hot girl thursdays? Not really digging the acid wash Mom jeans though.
Torleif Sorenson says:
DoH: 1000 points.

Minus 10,000,000 points to Elin for demolishing what seemed to be a perfectly good house. What *is* her problem, anyway? Did she consult with the late Al Davis before he died? And what about those two young children? Are they going to end up being raised in an expensive and audaciously-decorated prison?

And for now, she's staying in a rental mansion. They have RENTAL MANSIONS??!! Sheesh.
Kurt the Knife says:
who' s the homewrecker now?
homermania says:
KtK back in form. Well played.
Kurt the Knife says:
Seems the place was old, couldn't stand up to hurricanes and full of termites.


Sounds like me. Old, can't take a punch and full of bugs.
Kurt the Knife says:
-I have the flu bug-
don't go getting ideas
Kurt the Knife says:
that foto cracks me up.
She all, " Up in tha hoood, busting out dey walls aight? All eastside gangsta attitude. All up in yo' blueprints remodelling they kitchizzile.. IN DA 12 mil HEEYYYOOUSSSE!!"
DaRupp13 says:
Taking some narcotics to help with that flu bug there, ktk?
Kurt the Knife says:
fo' schizzle
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