Sergio Garcia Competes at PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
By mustang6560 on 1/12/12
Sergio Garcia is a man of many interests.

Outside of playing golf for a living (not a bad gig if you ask me!), he enjoys owning (and sometimes playing for) CF Borriol, a soccer team in his home country, and playing poker. And apparently, he's a pretty good card player.

Sergio recently competed in the main event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and almost cracked the top 50 before being bounced from the tournament by American William Luciano. Here is a recap of his last hand.
Luciano, who had the Spaniard covered, had pocket queens, but Garcia could only turn over A♣J♦. He knew he was in a rough spot, and covered up his face again as the dealer put out the 3♣2♣J♣ flop, a great one for Garcia who, although still behind, now had 14 outs to snatch victory.

Now he buried his head even more as the dealer continued her work. The turn bricked. And so did the river.

With that, the dealer sent Garcia's chips over to a grateful Luciano. Garcia, meanwhile, knew the game was up and was all smiles as he got up off the table, giving handshakes all round before seeing chums on the rail.
Out of 1,073 players, Sergio finished 51st and took home a cool $35,000. Not a bad days work, even though I'm sure he's not really concerned about the money.

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photo by Jim Epler

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srogers13 says:
He has won more money in poker tourneys than Rocco Mediate and Paul Azinger.
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