Reasons To Quit Golf
By mustang6560 on 1/18/12
I just read an interesting editorial ("Reader quits golf. Here's why.") on

Usually, golfers who take the time to submit a piece to a golf publication write about their love for the game, or they are simply expressing an opinion about a current topic in golf. However, the author of said editorial took a different appraoch with his letter. He decided it was time to "abandon golf" and thought he would share his decision and the five reasons why with the world.
  1. Practice Time
  2. Cost
  3. Modernism
  4. Golf Fans
  5. Capitulation
A few of his points are valid, and at least two of them are real issues the golf industry is struggling to overcome. However, his gripe about modernism is just silly. To me, it sounds like he is struggling with the fact times change and what's customary today is not necessarily customary tomorrow.

I would like to apologize to the author because as it turns out, I am one of the "Golf Fans" who helped drive him away from the sport he used to love. At the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, I yelled "get in the hole" after Bubba Watson smashed his drive on the driveable par 4 13th hole at TPC Louisiana. And you know what? I don't feel bad about it.

photo by mikecogh

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AbsoluteZero says:
I personally feel they should quickly escort anyone who yells get in the hole off the course. Let me be clear, I'm not against cheering, yelling, having a good time at a golf tournament. I'm just against being an idiot :)
legitimatebeef says:
mjaber says:
I'm not sure what golf fans have to do with quitting golf. They're not yelling at YOU on every hole. Just quit watching golf on TV.

As for the others, the only valid point he makes is he lack of enjoyment in not being able to play to the level he once did. It happens, we get older. If you're not enjoying yourself on the course, you probably should give it up.
Duke of Hazards says:
I'm wondering if I qualify as an idiot over my appreciation of the current 'MASHED POTATOES!' migration from 'GET IN THE HOLE!'. In any case, I'm enjoying the ride. Wonder what the next one will be?
wrhall02 says:
I love golf and always will. It's a great game, but I think the letter is a true harbinger. I think the reader represents/expresses a lot of people's reasons for not golfing.

In our microwave & instant gratification society, I take great refuge in golf. It takes time, practice and discipline to improve and to become a "good golfer." I love that you get rewarded based on what you put into it!!!

I ABSOLUTELY agree on the cost issue; the golf industry made (is making) a huge mistake only catering to the richest demographics. The trend towards $500 Drivers, $300 putters, $1000 irons, $4 golf balls, $300 rounds is simply silly (to me) and doesn't add to the "golf experience." Those trends will keep pricing people out of golf.
bobhooe says:
i would like to hear a player yell something after he crushes a drive like "Man's game" or "weight room" kind of like Psycho T did at North Carolina.
birdieXris says:
Thing is... This guy has more of a problem with not playing well anymore than anything.. Ther'es a lot of ways to play cheaply. you don't need the crazy new clubs either, you can get a good used set for practically nothing. I think you just need to have your heart in it and need to have fun. Obviously this guy seems like he feels he should be better and can't justify spending that much and not being good.
cvargo says:
On the website I like the comment "He forgot to mention that his wife made him"

Kurt the Knife says:
waaah waaah waaah. feakin baby.

New Rule... No WHINERS!
bkuehn1952 says:
I am with BirdieXris. Most of his reasons are a smokescreen for his eroding abilities. He gets no enjoyment from using older less expensive equipment, playing muni's or hanging with golfers that do not adhere to the stuffed shirt, private, exclusionary traditions of expensive private golf clubs. Good riddance.
mattshaver says:
i dunno about the letter writer....he complains about his club costing too much...well quit the club! there are plenty of public daily fee courses around the country that are some of the best in the world. or just enjoy the game like everyone else does on a goat track muni. :-) the game of golf isn't fun because the bunkers are pristine white and the greens roll like a sheet of glass. complains about putters costing too much? buy used! can't practice enough to maintain your 1 hdcp? get over it! golf is not a game of perfect, right? this guy sounds like a real debbie downer.
homermania says:
Thank god this guy quit. Now the back nine will go much faster.
Trip says:
I hate the "Get in the hole" scream... I'm a bit surprised someone on here would yell it. I've always pictured a really casual golf fan as the culprit. Sort of like me showing up to an ice skating competition and yelling, "Drop her!".

I have to admit I gave up the game for a whole season out of frustration... Never again.
SniderS says:
I just read an article about the "female tennis players grunting". Talk about taking the "class" out of the sport. You can only stand that stuff for a short period of time before turning it off. Ever since golf became mainstream popular when Tiger come on scene, every walk of life came out to the golf course. The yelling and stupid ass sayings from the gallery needs to be taken down a notch. If you want to yell, go to a hockey game, leave the peaceful sports alone to get back into a more classy arena. Thank goodness that there's some dress codes out there...
SniderS says:
...and another thing. Why the hell would anyone yell "get in the hole" on a par 5 tee box after a PGA drive? It really makes you wonder...
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I don't know. People just having fun when they yell, I guess. I prefer yelling FIGJAM at Phil Mickleson. That seems to get people kicked off the course.
SpaceMaNy0 says:
Recreational golf has no class anymore. Thank the Tiger Boom for that.

As for this guy quitting, who cares? It won't affect any of my rounds this year.
homermania says:
I'm still ok with "Get in the Hole!" as long as the ball has a legitimate chance of getting into said hole, but like SniderS said, it's ridiculous on a long tee shot. What's wrong with a "Yeah!" or "Smashed it!" Something appropriate please.
Mr_X says:
Of the 5 reasons listed, 2 thru 4 are all cop outs. The quitter, Dean Wilson, is getting old. There is no shame in that fact. We all do and it cannot be avoided. Yes, it sucks to realize that you cannot do the things you did 10 years ago. But, the great thing about golf is there are hundreds ways to shoot par on the same hole. If he was whining in my foursome, after 3 or 4 holes I would ask him to shut up and enjoy himself - or go home!

Life is too short to hang out with whiners!!
Kurt the Knife says:
dottomm says:
I recently played a round on a really crappy course with rental clubs, in my loafers, no glove or hat and I left loving the game even more.
jpjeffery says:
There are currently 16 comments on that web page in response to his letter...not one of which is complimentary!

But I guess the bottom line is, if you're not enjoying it, then stop.

But while not playing as well as you used to is a valid reason (it's half the reason why I stopped playing baseball after just over 20 years), if he's playing to "around" a 5 handicap then he's still no slouch so I say his reasons for not enjoying it aren't good.
wade4profit says:
Elbow tendinitis chased me away from the game. I just got tired of he pain.
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