Fred Couples to be inducted into World Golf Hall of Fame
By mustang6560 on 9/20/12
I know it. You know it. Heck, even legitimatebeef knows it. Fred Couples is a Hall of Famer-caliber golfer, and come next May, he'll officially be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame as the first member of the class of 2013.
Couples is one of the game's most popular players and is revered for his picturesque golf swing. It carried him to the top of the game, when he won the 1992 Masters Tournament. That major championship victory also made him the first American player to reach No. 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking. He dominated in the early 1990s, winning PGA TOUR Player of the Year and the Vardon Trophy in 1991 and 1992.

He is also a fixture for the United States in team competitions. He played on five Ryder Cup teams, helping the Americans to victories in 1991 and 1993. Couples will also take part in next week's Ryder Cup competition at Medinah Country Club, where he will be an assistant captain for the U.S. Team.

Couples has also been a large part of the American success at The Presidents Cup. He played on four U.S. Teams, with three emerging victorious. He also captained the winning U.S. Presidents Cup teams in 2009 and 2011 and will once again lead the Americans at the 2013 Presidents Cup at Muirfield Village, where he will attempt to become the first captain to post a 3-0 record (Jack Nicklaus was 2-1-1).

Couples has won five times internationally, and since turning 50 in 2009, he has won eight times on the Champions Tour, including major championships at the 2011 Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship and the 2012 Senior Open Championship.

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Banker85 says:
This is the way it should be done, wait until they win some shit on the old man tour then induct them into the hall of fame. Congrats Freddy!
Kurt the Knife says:
I followed him around the links once at a pro-am. Gotta say his swing is a marvel. Effortless, smooth, rhythmic, balanced. I was enthralled.

Until I had to pee. Then it was follow Langer toward the porta-potties.
snkli says:
I hate having folks inducted into the HOF while they're still playing ... but congrats Freddy!
Duke of Hazards says:
I wish I was half as cool as Freddy. (and no, not a plug for Mitsubishi a/c units)
Shallowface says:
Halls of Fame should be reserved for the greatest of the great, not the good or very good.

There's no denying Couples' popularity (although I've never really understood it), but popularity should not be a consideration as to who gets in a Hall of Fame. John Daly has won two majors, and is one of the most popular players of all time (at least with a certain crowd, again a bit baffling), and no one considers him a Hall of Famer (although I'd love to see him get to be Ryder Cup Captain just to see the clothes he'd inflict on his team).
Shallowface says:
The apologists will say that Couples has been hampered by injury, but so was Andy North, who won TWO US Opens, and no one considers North a Hall of Famer.
He's only getting in because no one else got the required number of votes, and Couples was only on 51% of the ballots, not the required 65%. What would be wrong with doing as baseball does and saying no one is getting in this year?
Halls of Fame are all about numbers, and Fred doesn't have them. Letting players like him in just dilutes the Hall of Fame.
falcon50driver says:
Kind of like giving the Nobel Peace Prize with the purchase of an oil change.
mjaber says:
DLIII has more majors, and more total worldwide wins, and he's not in, either.
mustang6560 says:
@mjaber- DL3 has more career victories than Freddie, but they both have only one major - DL3 won the '97 PGA and Freddie won the '92 Masters.
mjaber says:
@mustang... looks like I should check my facts better before posting in the future. I read somewhere that someone (don't remember who/where) said DLIII had one more major than Boom Boom.
Matt McGee says:
I don't know if it's something that is, or should be, considered for entry to the HOF, but Couples has been good for the game of golf. He handles himself well, is by all accounts very friendly with fans, and has that phenomenal swing. Excellent role model material. I'm not sure that means he is more deserving than someone with a better record... but I'm not entirely against the idea, either.
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