The Donald Trump Cemetery
By mustang6560 on 2/2/12
Donald Trump, the ultimate businessman, is looking to expand his ability to make money off people from cradle to grave by building a cemetery near his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.
He announced this week he is considering building a 1.5-acre cemetery next to his high-end golf course in Bedminster, where members pay a lifetime fee of as much as $300,000. If they want to stay beyond that, they most likely will pay a membership fee that includes burial.
I have no inside knowledge on the matter, but I suspect the Donald heard about Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Home near Seattle, Washington and decided he too wanted to make money off of people's final resting place.

The price for a spot in Donald's cemetery is not yet known because The Donald is still waiting for approval from the state. However, I imagine it won't be cheap! Members of his Bedminster club already pay a lifetime membership fee of $300k, and the cost of a spot in the cemetery is expected to be extra.

Listen to this though, according to the story, there is a cemetery in Massachusetts where the burial arrangements cost around $500k and there is a cemetery in New York where it can cost north of $3 million. Yikes!

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photo by Gage Skidmore

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Banker85 says:
hold on that is the cost to bury a loved one?
gpickin says:
I thought the 300k was the golf membership.
On Redneck Vacation the golf course they called in the hamptons was 650k.

As for those costs, 3.5 million for some dirt to pollute with my body, OUCH.
They say California is expensive... holy cow NY takes the cake.
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