Phil Mickelson Wants Justice
By mustang6560 on 2/2/12
Phil Mickelson is through being Mr. Nice Guy.

The four time major champion wants to know the identify of the person who allegedly made "defamatory statements" on Yahoo! under the handles "Fogroller" and "Longitude", and he filed a lawsuit in a Canadian Court to get it.
Mickelson sued Videotron S.E.N.C. in Quebec Superior Court, seeking the identity of the author of "several highly defamatory statements posted by one or more individual on the Internet, in particular on a Yahoo! website, under the pseudonyms of 'Fogroller' and 'Longitude';

"The postings suggest that plaintiff has an illegitimate child, that his wife has affairs and other similar vexatious statements that are absolutely untrue and, simply put, vicious," the complaint states.
I wonder why Phil feels the need to go on the offensive. To me, it only gives the alleged defamer and the alleged statements more publicity, which isn't a good thing. I for one, did not know about the rumors Phil is fighting to stop, but now I do.

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photo by Bill Spruce

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legitimatebeef says:
Well good for him. Internet trolls are a nuisance, glad someone prominent is willing to get the hands dirty and do something about it. I think Phil should moderate the oob messageboards while he is at it. The way people today perceive the tenet of freedom of speech is not what the founding fathers had in mind. People today believe they have this right to say any inflammatory thing they want and get off with total impunity. Maybe this could set a precedent (if it hasn't already, what do I know?) regarding libel as it pertains to internet comments, which after all are technically broadcast, and on about as broad a channel as there is.

Nate is a sweet kid. Those rumors have been around forever.
Pappybro says:
"I wonder why Phil feels the need to go on the offensive."

Maybe he's had enough?
falcon50driver says:
Good for Phil. He won the lawsuit, and discovered that fogroller and longitude are the same person. I wonder if fogroller was posting on oobgolf under another name?
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