The Golfer's Dictionary
By mustang6560 on 2/7/12
Want to impress your foursome with some hip new lingo?

Then try adding some words from the Golf Digest Golfer's Dictionary to your vocabulary before your next round.

Here. Give these a try.
  • Danny DeVito: "a nasty little 5-footer". Next time you're staring down a nervy par putt to complete your up and down, give this a try: "Man, I've got one heck of a Danny DeVito left for par!"

  • Ocho Stinko: "Scoring an 8 on a hole". Not playing well? Then ease your frustration with: "Shucks! I just recorded my fifth Ocho Stinko of the round!"

  • Snooki: "a sure thing under 5 feet". If you're feeling especially confident standing over a birdie putt, say: "Oh, this putt is totally a Snooki! I'm going to hit it center cup!"
There are numerous other words in the Golfer's Dictionary worth checking out so make sure you dedicate some time to get your lingo "fitted" for the golf course. You update your equipment don't you? So why not update your diction?

Golf Digest Golfer's Dictionary

photo by chrisdlugosz

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Kurt the Knife says:
My all time fave:

a shot from a bunker into the water:

Bin Laden
gpickin says:
I think I need to print some of these out :)

Amelia Earhart noun a tee shot that looks great taking off and then just disappears

Amry Golf - Your tee shots go LEFT RIGHT LEFT

Captain Kirk noun a wayward shot that goes where no ball has ever gone before

Cuban Putt noun putt that stopped just short of the hole (i.e., needed one more revolution)

Wow, I'm only in the Cs and I love this many already... that doesn't show a lot of confidence in my game :)
falcon50driver says:
We've all heard of double or triple bogie. i asked my partner this weekend what he had on a particularly difficult hole. He used a term I hadn't heard before ...."Octobogie"
DaRupp13 says:
A Toyota: a putt that just keeps rolling
scottccherry says:
Derek jeter: A Huge Yank.
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