Fan Saves Karrie Webb
By mustang6560 on 2/9/12
A local golf pro in the gallery Down Under saved Karrie Webb from a two-stroke penalty in the first round of the ISPS Handa Australian Open.

On the 13th green at Royal Melbourne, Karrie's playing partner, world number one Yani Tseng, asked her to mark her ball one putter-head length to the side, which is nothing out of the ordinary. But, when Karrie went to replace her ball, she did not return it to the correct spot. Had she hit the ball from the new location, she would have incurred a two-stroke penalty.
"Yani had asked me to move my marker and when I went to move it back, I told myself, 'You've got to move it towards you'.

"I just blanked it. I don't even remember moving it the other way, but I guess I moved it the other way. About 15 people standing on the other side of the hole (said). I was just about to pull the trigger and he spoke up. Which really caught me off-guard. In the end it saved a two-shot penalty. It was quite courageous of him, to speak up, and I'm thankful for it."
Luckily for her, the local golf pro spoke up in time because you never know when you'll need two strokes. Just look at Rory McIlroy. Two weeks ago at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, he was putting from the fringe and brushed some sand out of his way and was slapped with a two-stroke penalty because you can only brush sand out of the way if you're on the green. Rory went on to finish one stroke behind the eventual winner Robert Rock and many in the media were quick to point out that Rory's brain fart cost him the tournament.

Karrie finished with a two-over par 75 and is six strokes back of the first round leaders Sarah Kemp and Stacy Lewis.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Yeah, that guy has some stones to speak up during a professional tournament. Good for him.
legitimatebeef says:
Whatever those two strokes are worth in prize money, she should split it with him. Or a free Epson printer at least.
Kurt the Knife says:
or maybe give him that fancy candy dish she gots there.
wrhall02 says:
Only in golf...I love it. Yeah, the guy had guts to speak up.

I actually picked this tip up on Oob...I use a coin to mark (always heads up). When asked to move, I flip it (tails up)...if I see tails I must have moved it.
dottomm says:
@wrhall02. Yes. Me too. Great article.
DougE says:
Gotta give the guy a lot of credit for speaking up as she is standing over the putt, but where the hell was her caddy. Isn't that part of his job?
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