By mustang6560 on 2/17/12
Last night, I was watching the re-broadcast of the first round of the Northern Trust Open on the Golf Channel when I noticed something odd - Sergio Garcia was wearing a hat with a giant red heart on it. Well, I did some investigating and discovered the hat Sergio wore yesterday ties into TaylorMade's social media strategy for the launch of its new R11S driver.
At the Northern Trust Open this week, golfers sponsored by the TaylorMade brand are sporting hats emblazoned with the Twitter hashtag #driverlove. The hashtag references TaylorMade’s larger campaign that plays off the special connection that some players feel with their clubs. It appears to be the first time a hashtag or explicit social media reference has appeared on PGA Tour golfers or playing surfaces.

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“For our sport as whole, the social media space has really been a slow-moving river,” Maggiore told Mashable. “So it’s interesting for us, because we’ve kind of given up on doing certain things the old way. We like to get out in front and try different things.”
The company is also using it as a mechanism for a giveaway. If you plan to watch any of the live coverage of the Northern Trust Open today, you can tweet "#R11SLove" to "@taylormadegolf" when you see a "Driver Love" Heart Feature on screen during for a chance to win one of 22 R11S drivers.

As evident by the name of its new product line, RocketBallz, and the launch of the R11 driver last year, TaylorMade is not afraid to try something new, especially when it's perceived as cutting-edge. I must hand it to TaylorMade, including a #hashtag on its staff player's apparel is quite clever. I'm not sure if it will sell any extra drivers, but it will definitely create buzz for the company, which had record setting profits in 2011.

Bravo TaylorMade, bravo.

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bkuehn1952 says:
I also noted that TaylorMade and Dick's Sporting Goods and/or Golf Galaxy seem to have a relationship. In many of TaylorMade's ads, those two large retailers are prominently featured. Seems like TaylorMade is moving more toward mass merchandising.
dottomm says:
To quote Dustin Johnson "What Does It Do?" LOL!
Panerai111 says:
I didnt win... :(
Trip says:
This reminds me of the boxers who have temporary tattoos advertising businesses on their backs while the box. I know they are all decked out with logos, but this was a bit much for me... The giant hearts look goofy, especially on Dustin Johnson.

Can't wait for the marketing campaign for Rocket Ballz (ouch!).
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