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Premiere Night on The Golf Channel
By mustang6560 on 2/28/12
Did anyone watch the season premiere of Feherty and/or The Haney Project last night on The Golf Channel? Admittedly, I'm a bit of a Golf Channel junkie so I tuned in for both shows.

I enjoyed David Feherty's interview with Sergio Garcia. My only issue with the episode was the staged tennis-ball-in-the-nuts scene. If I had a weekly "C'mon Man" rant I would do a feature on this. I can appreciate his attempt at humor but I think his audience is slightly older than 12. C'mon David, you're better than that!

The other half premiere night was The Haney Project. Instead of working with just one student, Hank will be teaching four students this season - Sugar Ray Leonard, Mario Batali, Angie Everhart and Adam Levine. I'm not a big fan of the show in general but I'll probably be more inclined to follow the show this season since there are more personalities to follow. No offense to whoever may be offended but I don't want to watch Rush Limbaugh play golf.

If you watched last night, what was your impression of the shows?

Flicker, Keith Allison

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dartboss04 says:
I watched Haney and DVR'd Feherty. I'm interested to see how Adam will improve, but I was most impressed with Angie's swing. The ball seemed to be going everywhere, but it seems like she had a good starting point, and looked pretty athletic.

Haney seems awkward to me though, dead behind the eyes or something.
joe jones says:
I don't want to watch Rush Limbaugh do anything. The best thing about radio and TV is the on off button.
homermania says:
I'm personally offended that Nathan doesn't want to watch Rush play golf.
legitimatebeef says:
All I want from TGC is more episodes of "Playing Lessons with the Pros" -- a truly great show for golfers, entertaining as it is edifying. But they won't give it to us. I think pratfalling and comedic groin trauma is more like the direction they are interested in these days.
mattshaver says:
i'm with legitimate beef. plwtp is my favorite show on tgc.
dartboss04 says:
I agree 100% with beef. To be able to hear the thought process of great players as they manage the course was invaluable.
guzzlingil says:
Angie looked good....Feherty is a good interviewer...
jarick098 says:
Tennis-ball-to-the nuts-shot...... Classic!
AbsoluteZero says:
I thought Garcia came across pretty well. I've never paid much attention to him, but came away thinking that he was someone I could absolutely pull for. Feherty wasn't bad, but he's not as funny as he thinks... I think I'll keep watching the shows if they get good guests.
CeeBee says:
I miss the old shell series and like plwtp. Faherty is best on the course ONLY.

They can keep that crap show "BIG BREAK". What a bunch of Bull---T drama.
Trip says:
That photo of David Feherty & Tiger is used (on this site) as much as Rachel Uchitel...
Spaceman_Spiff says:
i can get behind both shows, but agree absolutely with the thought that Feherty trys too hard to stage his "funny" and the fact that Hank when doing on camera interviews seems dead behind the eyes. Sad really, because when he's working with the guests on camera everything seems authentic.
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