Tiger Woods Responds To Excerpts
By mustang6560 on 2/29/12
It didn't take Tiger Woods very long to respond (via his agent Mark Steinberg) to the recently released excerpts from Hank Haney's new book "The Big Miss".
"Based on the excerpts published today, Hank Haney's claim that his book is about golf is clearly false," Steinberg wrote in an email to FOXSports.com.

"His armchair psychology about Tiger, on matters he admits they didn't even discuss, is ridiculous. Because of his father, it's no secret that Tiger has always had high respect for the military, so for Haney to twist that admiration into something negative is disrespectful.

"The disruptive timing of this book shows that Haney's self-promotion is more important to him than any other person or tournament. What’s been written violates the trust between a coach and player and someone also once considered a friend."
I don't disagree with Mark's assertions. But by responding to the excerpts, Team Tiger, in my opinion, is playing right into the hands of Hank Haney. Hank wants to create demand for his book, which is a smart move on his part because he wants to make money, and any acknowledgement from Team Tiger is only going to further fan the flames of curiosity.

Who knows, maybe Tiger is splitting the profits with Hank so he's trying to help sell more copies.

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TeT says:
Really... a conspiracy theory!!
legitimatebeef says:
That's the rub with the whole Tiger scandal--Tiger is not the only one who debased himself, far from it. The scandal has brought out the worst in a lot of other people. Hank is embarrassing himself.
glenrich says:
The excerpt about the Navy Seal training is very much golf related when you consider Hank's point of view.
From a golf instructor's perspective, having a student that insisted on performing intensive military training exercises when his instructor is trying to help him get beyond a persistent knee injury is something to write about. This is especially true when the student is the #1 golfer in the world and Hank's reputation is on the line if Tiger goes down the tubes.

Of course, Hank wants to sell the book but I do not see how he is doing this in any under-handed sort of way. From what I can tell so far he is writing about the challenges he has had to deal with as a coach. Everyone knows he coached Tiger so trying to do this using fictional students would just be dumb.

And what is with this violating a so-called "trust" between coach and player business? Let's not try to link the coach-player relationship to doctor-patient, that is just a bunch of bull.
crazymg69 says:
If you are receiving 6 figures a year just to train 1 on 1, there is some kind of privacy expected. Since it is Hank "have I told you about Tiger lately" Haney, then it is expected. How do you now have an opinion on something that you didnt know about earlier.
Matt F says:
Who really gives a ....
falcon50driver says:
Rat's ass?
Matt F says:
That or crap.
larrynjr says:
Hank probably didn't have any say as to when the book would be released. The publisher is also in it for the money and they are very good at picking the best times to release books for maximum results.
DoubleDingo says:
Don't care what is said by any of them, I will never buy or read the book.
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