Tiger Woods Withdrew From Cadillac Championship
By mustang6560 on 3/12/12
As dartboss04 indicated here, while Justin Rose won the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship, the talk of the tournament was Tiger Woods' withdrawal midway through the final round.

His withdrawal is newsworthy for many reasons, including the fact the last time he withdrew (Players) from a tournament he missed the next two majors (U.S. Open and British Open) AND the first major of the year (Masters) is less than a month away.

Tiger did not address the media following his withdrawal Sunday, but he did offer the following statement on his website later in the day.
"After hitting my tee shot on 12, I felt it was necessary to withdraw," Woods said. "In the past, I would have continued to play, but this time I decided to do what I thought was necessary."

Tiger immediately sent regrets to the WGC, Cadillac and the fans for their support.

"I'll get my Achilles evaluated sometime early next week," he said.
The former world number said he will have his Achilles tendon evaluated in the coming days. Hopefully it's only a minor injury because I want to see a Tiger Woods-Rory McIlroy final round pairing at The Masters next month!

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homermania says:
I guess that's the only way he could finish with fewer strokes than Justin.
legitimatebeef says:
At first it was shocking but having read about it I am guessing it is not a serious injury but instead a newfound conservative, precautionary approach by the T-man, not wanting to miss major tourneys like last year, especially the way he is striking the ball lately. It kind of sucks the thought of Tiger Woods quitting on a round when he is too far out of the lead but I think it's a guy who is trying to budget himself. If it is true that nineteen major trophies is his ultimate goal in life then it makes sense. Why blow yourself out trying to finish a Cadillac Championship when the Masters is just weeks away. Besides he holds the record for consecutive cuts made--you could say he has already proven a long time ago his determination and willingness to grind even when the win is out of reach.
Duke of Hazards says:
i sprained my Achilles' once and it sucked. it's extremely tender. i'm surprised he even played 12 holes if he noticed it was hurting on the range.
falcon50driver says:
the t-man?
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