Virtual Hole-in-One
By mustang6560 on 3/16/12
I've read some pretty wacky hole-in-one stories ("3 Aces on Same Hole, Same Day", "22 Year Old Claims 5 Aces In One Week", "Cool or Not: 6-Year-Old Shoots Ace"), but I've never heard of anyone recording an ace on a golf simulator before - until now.
"When Trevor holed his 9 iron on the 13th at Innisbrook, the entire place went berserk. We replayed Trevor's ace on the Full Swing Golf simulator several times from different perspectives to relive the moment. Watching 40+ people clapping and roaring during the replays was something I will never forget."
The odds of an amateur golfer carding a hole-in-one have been calculated at 12,500 to one. In other words, it's rare. So I'm pretty sure the guy who carded the virtual ace was pretty bummed that he wasted his only potential career ace on a simulator.

The one redeeming thing about it is that he received $2,000 for effort. When I got my hole-in-one, I lost money because I had to pick up the tab in the clubhouse following my round (@srogers13, I went a whole month without talking about my ace).

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homermania says:
I got really excited when I got an ace on Tiger '11 for the Wii. Then, I felt like a huge nerd.
mjaber says:
I'm not sure if I would be bummer or not. Sure, it's not at a course, but he can replay it over and over again. You only have your memory of what happened. He can put his on Youtube and share it with the world.
mjaber says:
@mustang... I disagree with your statement that you've not mentioned your hole-in-one for a whole month.

From the forum topic "Biries & Eagles":

"Have you heard about my hole-in-one eagle... "

Posted a little over a week ago by mustang6560 on 3/9/2012
mustang6560 says:
@mjaber- Touche! I forgot about that...
Banker85 says:
$2K is $2K a virtual hole in one is not a hole in one
srogers13 says:
Crap, I was out of town all day away from a computer and was not available to call mustang out on that. Thanks for picking up the slack, mjaber.
falcon50driver says:
What? Mustang got a hole in one?
SpaceMaNy0 says:
I double eagled 18 at Pebble Beach on the Wii Masters game. I thought it was cool, but nothing to brag about. They make those games easier for a reason.
mjaber says:
@mustang... is that why all of the forums disappeared?

@srogers... No problem. I think we all need to take turns keeping him honest. :)
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