Peyton Manning Was Offered Golf Membership
By mustang6560 on 3/22/12
If you are a fan of the Denver Broncos, then I'm sure you were delighted when you heard that John Elway signed Superbowl MVP Peyton Manning last week. The former Indianapolis Colts quarterback was released earlier this month by his old team, which sent several teams into a Manning-frenzy including the Broncos.

According to Joe Passov, John Elway, the VP of Football Operations for the Broncos, used memberships at Cherry Hills, the former U.S. Open and PGA Championship venue, and Castle Pines as bargaining chips to try and lure Peyton to the Mile High City.
McCord, a Whisper Rock member, is pals with Broncos team president John Elway. McCord told us he had sent a text message to Elway about Manning earlier that day. He asked Elway: "Are you offering him a membership to Cherry Hills?" (Cherry Hills Country Club is a legendary Denver club and former U.S. Open venue.)

Elway immediately texted McCord back: "Cherry Hills AND Castle Pines."
Although a membership at a country club like Cherry Hills is nice and all, I doubt it weighed heavily in the decision for Manning because there are nice golf courses and golf clubs in every city that has an NFL team. But it's still interesting to know to what extent John went to try and sign Peyton.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Agree with you Mustang. With a salary around $20,000,000, a membership at any club other than maybe Augusta National or Cypress Point wasn't likely to entice Mr. Manning. Does he even play golf?
sepfeiff says:
Mustang ... swing n a miss! For a man of his wealth and fame, membership at the more prestigious clubs means a lot because it's a safe place for his family to hang out, in-laws and friends to play when they come to town, and where people in his unique financial "circles" will be. I doubt he will even be there much with his schedule. If you had that kind of money and were away for most of the year, where would you want your wife to hang out and meet new people... the local muni... the mall?
mustang6560 says:
@sepfeiff- So you're saying there is not an exclusive golf club in Dallas (Cowboys) or San Francisco (49ers) or Chicago (da Bears) where it would be safe for his family to hang out"? There are exclusive golf clubs in every city and a club would be foolish to not extend a membership to someone like Peyton.
GBogey says:
I'm pretty sure that he was a member at Crooked Stick in Indy. Fabulous top 100 course.
sepfeiff says:
Elway offered him a walk on to two great clubs, I think there is a lot of value in that offer. Of course there are great clubs in each city, when they come on a silver plate its a different story. I think that quality of life offers as bargaining chips go a lot farther than you give credit for.
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