Rick Smith Disapproves Of "The Big Miss"
By mustang6560 on 3/22/12
Tiger Woods is not the only person who is upset about Hank Haney's new book "The Big Miss". Rick Smith, Phil Mickelson's old swing coach, did not pull any punches with his opinion about Tiger's old swing coach's new book.
"I would rather be broke and not have a penny to my name before I violate the code of player-teacher confidentiality," Smith said. "In 27 years out here, I've never done that. I'm personally upset with Hank because he's broken and violated our code of ethics. If you have the opportunity and you're privileged to conversations, you will not and should not share anything from them with anyone. I don't care who it is.

"For all the guys who have committed their lives to teaching, this should be very upsetting and I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way. What Hank did is against the rules."
I could not agree more. It appears to me that Hank is trying to profit from his experience as Tiger's swing coach. If Hank came out and said 100% of the proceeds of "The Big Miss" will go to charity, then maybe I'd feel differently.

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bkuehn1952 says:
I agree with Rick Smith and Mustang except helping a charity still doesn't work for me if you are revealing private information.
Panerai111 says:
Hank will be teaching celebrities from now on...
Trip says:
If you were a pro on tour right now, would you hire Haney? I hope that book sells well, for his sake.
Banker85 says:
Panerai11: could not have said it better. Good luck with that Hank, I hope it was worth it.
Pappybro says:
Rather offensive way to say "I'm retiring from teaching"...
falcon50driver says:
So long Jerk
mmontisano says:
did you see what Tiger was paying him? i think he'd be making more money teaching celebs anyways....
FiddySnead says:
Who's buying it?
legitimatebeef says:
"It appears to me that Hank is trying to profit from his experience as Tiger's swing coach." I've said if before, Nate is a sweet kid. I hope the world does not eventually ruin such innocence.

It's so obvious that Hank has a major beef with Woods and this is his cowardly way of telling the world about it. I say cowardly because Hank has been going around portraying himself as a nice guy, saying the book is about "coaching" and it's a "historical" look of one of the game's greats. What Hank is doing is just not nice on a simple human level. He will get his eventually.
glenrich says:
Huh? Where did this supposed code of player-teacher confidentiality come from?
It does not exist and has never existed.
If you simply searched around, you can find examples of instructors talking about conversations they have had with their players, what they are working on, strengths, weaknesses and also things in their personal life.
If their were truely a code of player-teacher confidentiality then none of this should happen.
One good example is Butch Harmon sharing some of the tricks that Tiger Woods uses against his opponents during a tournament to get an advantage.

mantajim says:
@glenrich: Or look at Harvey Penick's books, many personal stories about his students.
Plus, I wonder how many of you have actually read the book. I know I haven't and so find it difficult to make any kind of judgement about it other than Hank is cashing in and indeed, he has become 'Hollywoods' coach, just look at his show.
legitimatebeef says:
You got some nerve mantajim. Harvey Penick's books are filled with anecdotes solely intended to educate encourage and enlighten golfers. Not to spite or slander. Don't even mention Harvey Penick and Haney in the same breath.
mantajim says:
So 'beef' you've read Haney's book? Before you judge you should read them both, lest you be judged. All I'm saying is that teachers of all kinds write about their students.
Matt Mathison says:
This was should have been titled "The Big Opportunity". Im not an overly huge Tiger fan and do not condone the things he's done but for anyone to say this book is a golf book is delusional. Dishing personal stories in a book about someone else who trusted you is plain wrong. It's like an attorney spilling all you've told them or a doctor postin four medical records.

I have asked Hank Haney to donate all proceeds from his book to charity.i have also asked that Tiger match those donations dollar for dollar. Please help me spread the word and put the pressure on Haney. Haney has not responded to me as he is to busy RETweeting the suck up comments from people who have their head in the clouds about the real premise behind this book. Interesting we have not heard from one tour player. Go to Twitter. Go to Facebook. Spread the word.

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