Birdies and Bogies
By mustang6560 on 3/26/12
The plus one, minus one system is a popular metric a group of friends use to reinforce positive and negative behavior. When a friend tells a funny joke or uses "that's what see said" in an appropriate manner, you give him a "plus one". When he embarrasses himself or the people around him, it's a "minus one". Well, I want to take that concept and apply it to golf, but since the lowest score wins, I've switched the values around. In my hopefully weekly roundup, I'm going to choose one player who deserves a birdie and one who deserves a bogey. Let's get started.

Birdie: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods got his groove back, finally. The 72 time PGA Tour victor defeated a solid field at the Arnold Palmer Invitational to end his 30 month winless streak. And with it, he put all of his critics at bay, at least momentarily. The former world number one won his own tournament, the Chevron World Challenge, back in December but people were quick to point out that it was not a sanctioned event so it didn't count. Well, now that he won an official PGA Tour event, the focus will change to the majors. Can Tiger outlast a young, talented field at a major end his 45 month drought? If I was a betting man (which I am) I would totally bet on Tiger at the Masters next month.

Bogie: Ernie Els

I don't want to kick him while he's down, but the Big Easy let two solid opportunities slip through his fingers. Last week at the Transitions Championship, he missed two short putts down the stretch (a birdie putt on 16 and a par putt on 18), which cost him the victory and potentially his 19th consecutive Masters invitation. And yesterday, Ernie needed a tied for second finish or a solo third finish to propel him inside the top 50 players in the Official World Golf Ranking and he would have received his invite. Alas, he carded a three-over par 75 for a seven-way tie for fourth. Now, the only way Ernie can keep his Masters streak alive is to win the Shell Houston Open or hope the kind folks at Augusta National value his resume enough to extend him an invitation.

Flickr, SD Dirk

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birdieXris says:
not to be that guy, but check the end of your last sentence in Tiger's Birdie paragraph. Also put an 'S' on "fingers" in Ernie's first sentence, as well as a 'W' in "tWo short putts". Also, learn how to make an é
legitimatebeef says:
Hard hitting stuff as usual Nathan.
Duke of Hazards says:
Ironic that "that guy" spells Chris with an X. ;)
mustang6560 says:
Way to be *that* guy BX... ;)
larrynjr says:
I would still like to know why Ryan Moore doesn't get more press, he was one of those tied for 4th last weekend but you never see him mentioned. He was in contention at Pebble Beach too, his 2 pro partners were heavily monitored but they always skipped away from showing him play. Guess he needs to win something big before they'll be interested.
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